4 renovation trends for 2013: realestate.com.au


Wedges and peplum tops may be on the way out, but low maintenance living spaces and multi-purpose rooms are still all the rage.

Renovation trends typically stick around for much longer than looks in fashion, so it’s not surprising that we’re seeing similar things to last year.

So what’s hot right now in home décor?

In 2012 we saw more of a focus on functionality rather than showy upgrades and this trend has rolled into this year.

Although homeowners are always striving to improve style, they’re spending their money on smarter, more practical elements to enhance and more effectively utilise their existing space.

That’s not to say aesthetics have been completely neglected.


1. Multi-purpose rooms

The varying needs of family members means that homeowners are wary of giving spare rooms a “fixed” purpose.

It may suit them to use a space as a home office now and be after a carpenter to build a timber desk, but later down the track want to turn the room into a craft space or guest bedroom.

Homeowners increasingly want flexible designs that are adaptable for their changing needs.


2. Sprucing gardens  

We saw a 24% increase in gardening jobs, year-on-year, and this trend has continued this month.

People aren’t landscaping vast open spaces, but smaller courtyards that go hand-in-hand with urban dwelling.

Homeowners are opting for cheap, low-maintenance exteriors and lawn alternatives such as pavers and concrete to keep yard work to a minimum.


3. Modernising outdated kitchens

This trend has been around for a few years now, and it’s not going anywhere soon. It’s no secret that kitchen remodels have one of the highest returns on investment.

Small enhancements can make a big difference to the look and value of your kitchen. New cupboard handles, light fittings and a lick of paint can do wonders for updating a tried cooking space.


4. Adding colour & prints

Patterns and prints are no longer exclusively for dinnerware and bakeware, you can now have some fun with your home’s interior too.

Although a neutral colour palette is a safer bet when considering a home’s resale value, according to our interior designers, beige walls are out and colour blocking is in!

This doesn’t mean feature walls are on trend again, but you can experiment with “pops” of colour – whether that’s a bright splashback in the kitchen or nostalgic wallpaper in the bedroom.

Gingham patterns, cottage florals and polka dots are all popular patterns that can drastically improve the look of a space.

That’s where we’re headed so far with renovation trends in 2013, but it’ll be interesting to see if any of these trends are seasonal and what the winter months will bring.


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