5 Scandinavian Brands; Not including IKEA

Inspiraation for design exists everywhere! Scandinavian companies like IKEA have always been a step ahead in being innovative in interior design and home styling.

Here are 5 Scandinavian Brands that will expand your design thinking:

1. MENUMenu


MENU is a Danish design company founded in 1976. They design. All day actually. Occasionally at night as well. Collaborating with some of the most talented designers in the world they deliver high quality design with a crisp


Scandinavian look, calling it soft minimalism.


Menu are passionate about design, new materials and clever details, dreaming about making a difference.



Muuto2. Muuto

We are striving to expand the Scandinavian design tradition with new and original perspectives. In fact, our name Muuto, inspired by the Finnish word muutos, means new perspective.


You will know our design because it has muutos. Objects made sublime through new perspectives, enjoyed across the world, representing the best of Scandinavian design today.




3. By Lassen

by Lassen owns the rights to the designs of two of Denmark’s greatest architects – Mogens Lassen (1901-1987) and Flemming Lassen (1902-1984). The Lassen brothers were extremely talented and were honoured with many awards and grants for their unique designs and iconic architecture. by Lassen is a family business whose simple mission is to carry the Lassen legacy forward – because good design lives on through new generations.



broste copenhagen4. Broste Copenhagen

Broste Copenhagen is one of Scandinavia’s leading interior brands, based in Copenhagen and originates back to 1955. We have a long tradition of travelling the world for inspiration and materials, as we Scandinavians have always done.


Processing is gentle, so the original feel of the material and its character remain intact – with focus on high quality and our well known Nordic signature in the final design.


With a total of two collections every year Broste Copenhagen covers a range including candles and lanterns to tableware, home textiles and decorative items.






5. Gubi

“At Gubi, we’re on a continual quest. A journey. Fuelled by our passion to discover overlooked icons from the past and future icons in the making, we’ve made a distinctive name for ourselves in the international design arena as a dynamic design force to be reckoned with.”


The result is an eclectic, intercontinental collection that blurs the lines between the past and the future. An extensive assortment of extremely aesthetic, thought-provoking designs characterised by simple, arresting shapes, original materials and innovative techniques which defy time and space. Imbued with a beauty that resonates with design aficionados, architects and designers all around the world.




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