8 Promises All Agents Should Make When Selling Your Property

When you choose which Real Estate Agent to sell your property, you are choosing them primarily because of the service they provide. Or at least, the service they promise to provide. There are 8 Promises a selling agent should be confident in making and delivering upon. If a prospective agent can’t deliver on all of these 8 promises, then they aren’t worthy of listing your property.

Calibre’s Licensed Estate Agent, Marlene Baker, reveals… “We take the business of real estate very seriously and can only imagine you do too! So, when recruiting for an agent to sell your home, we recommend you ask each of your prospective agents if they are willing to make the following promises to you. If they don’t have enough confidence in their ability to deliver on these promises, then it’s time to find a new agent.”


The 8 Promises All Good Sales Agents Will Make & Deliver Upon are…

1. As your Sales Agent, I promise to always give you accurate and honest feedback from ALL buyers who view your home.

2. As your Sales Agent, I promise to always act in your best interests and to make constructive recommendations on how to achieve the highest possible price for your property.

3. As your Sales Agent, I promise to expose your property to as many prospective purchasers as possible.

4. As your Sales Agent, I promise to deliver accurate market knowledge to help you price your home and achieve the results you demand.

5. As your Sales Agent, I promise to negotiate fairly to both parties but at all times act to ensure the best result possible for you, my client.

6. As your Sales Agent, I promise to maintain and correspond with a database of genuine purchasers looking to buy a residential property within your local area.

7. As your Sales Agent, I promise to conduct open for inspections within our policies and guidelines which aim to minimise disturbance to your daily routine and achieve optimum results.

8. As your Sales Agent, I promise to always be available in person or over the telephone with you, wherever possible, in order to maintain a successful, working relationship.


Quote provided by Calibre Real Estate’s Residential Property Specialist –
Marlene Baker
0423 799 727

If you would like to speak to an agent who can deliver on all 8 of these promises, please feel free to contact Marlene Baker on 0423 799 727. As we said, if you’re not confident in an agent’s ability to deliver on all 8 of these promises, then keep looking because there is a great agent out there who will strive to achieve exceptional results.

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