A House for Christmas?

The holiday season may have you feeling jolly, but is it really a good time to sell your property? If you’re preparing to sell your home, you may question when the right time is to sell your property. Christmas is a time that comes up often, with mixed opinions. There are both pros and cons to selling your property over the holidays, which are worth considering.

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Should you decide to put your home on the market over the holidays, you’ll want to be sure that you can find a real estate agent who is not also on holiday during this time.

Disadvantages of Selling over Christmas

One of the obvious disadvantages of selling your property over the holidays is that this is a time when many people go on vacation. This could lead to fewer buyers being in town to see your property.

Advantages of Selling over Christmas

There are several positive aspects to selling over Christmas. In fact, it may be possible to get a better price during this time if you plan the right strategy. During this time period, the number of available houses for sale decreases. This reduces competition between sellers and instead increases the competition among buyers.

Another advantage is that buyers who are looking for properties during the holidays are usually serious about purchasing something, and this could lead to a quick sale. Most buyers looking at this time want to be able to move in before a new year begins.

Christmas is also a naturally festive and joyful time. It falls during the first month of summer, which provides a bright, cheerful and sunny setting for the home. This combined with holiday cheer can make your home seem extra inviting. Use some simple staging techniques to enhance this with basic Christmas decorating.

Make your House Festive

If you decide to stage your home with Christmas decorations, use them sparingly to avoid crossing over into tacky territory. Sellers who have already prepared their home for sale will most likely have already moved clutter. You won’t want to negate these efforts by replacing your old clutter with an overabundance of new decorations! It’s a good idea to strike the right balance between holiday spirit and a large, spacious property.


Calibre Real Estate is open over the holiday period, our sales agents are available on their mobile numbers – please visit the about us page. And our office hours are as follows:

Monday 22nd December – 9am to 5pm

Tuesday 23rd December – 9am to 5pm

Wednesday 24th December – 9am to 2pm

Thursday 25th December – CLOSED

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Monday 29th December – 9am to 5pm

Tuesday 30th December – 9am to 5pm

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Saturday 3rd January – 9am to 1pm


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