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Alice Hagen
Alice Hagen Principal


MY NAME: Alice Hagen

I AM: Co-Founder of Calibre, mother and mentor to 4 boys, passionate about wholefoods and an active lifestyle.

PROUDEST MOMENT: Receiving the Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Property and Construction award from Business News in 2015!

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: Starting a company in the midst of the global financial crisis in 2008 – 2009 whilst also becoming a mother, for the first time.

ALARM CLOCK: Generally powered by my boys or the sunshine and birds.

PERFECT DAY: Starting the day with a plant based smoothie, then enjoying the outdoors with our boys, whether going to the beach or going on an adventure through a national park.

FIRST JOB: Video Store Assistant, for our younger audience, before Netflix was invented you had to physically go into a shop a hire a movie and return it within a certain timeframe.

SUPER HERO POWER: Not needing caffeine!

FAVOURITE SPOT IN BRISBANE: Brisbane is so fortunate to have so many amazing parks and bike trails! We love to having picnics and family bike rides. There are so many.. but we love New Farm Park, Simpsons Falls, Dorrington Park to name a few!

INSPIRATION: A mini break to Montville or Byron Bay to refresh and refocus.

CALIBRE IS: A boutique agency focusing on innovation, amazing client experiences and great team culture.

When Alice and Justin bought their first home together they were disappointed with the experience: their agent did not show a lot of care and they felt like just another transaction.

Alice and Justin Hagen founded Calibre Real Estate in 2009 because they were determined to make a difference.

Alice studied forensic science but always had an interest in property - it was something her grandmother encouraged. She followed her passion and now proudly leads a team of people at Calibre who, like her, care about the clients they work with and the communities they work in.

As far as Alice is concerned, people come first. Whether you’re a buyer, seller, renter or landlord, Alice strives to take the confusion out of your property experience. For Alice, good customer service is everything.

Alice is also big on community support. Calibre Real Estate donates a percentage of all net sales commissions to local, national and overseas charities and community groups. As you might expect, the money Calibre donates is making a world of difference to the lives of many people.


I moved up to Brisbane in 2006 from Sydney with Justin, as we were wanting to get into the property market. Over the past decade, I have come to adopt Brisbane as my hometown as I love how dynamic this city is with the amount of growth, culture and development that has transpired. Brisbane is very community focused and an amazing city to raise our young family!


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