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Andrew Keogh
Andrew Keogh Licensed Estate Agent


Andrew Keogh brings over 20 years of experience at the cutting edge of real estate practice to his role at Calibre Real Estate. Adhering to high standards of integrity, honesty and compassion, Andrew has a highly ethical approach to all of his client's business dealings.

A consummate professional with an impressive track record, Andrew believes; "It's not just a transaction, it's an important contract involving a lot of money, which requires a high degree of business acumen."

His determination and ambition are driving forces behind his energetic and genuine approach. His broad market knowledge and astute understanding of how best to handle different negotiation scenarios are assets that only someone with Andrew's experience can offer.

This approach united with tenacity and drive is a powerful combination.

Andrew's Notable Accolades;
- Performance Excellence Award – Nationally
- Auction clearance rate 99%
- Private Treaty clearance rate 98%
- Licenced Estate Agent - 23 years

Originally from a rural background, Andrew has handled everything from multi-million dollar rural estates to inner Brisbane prestige property. Andrew and his wife have since become long term Bardon residents. Together with their two children, Andrew and his wife enjoy all the attractions of living in the inner western suburbs of Brisbane. Away from real estate Andrew enjoys a run, tennis, and watching their children play netball and GPS rugby.


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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Renovating For the First Time

Every once in a while, you may want to spritz up your home. But renovating can be a time-intensive and expensive process. Here are four renovating mistakes you can avoid. 4 Mistakes to Avoid when Renovating for the First Time 1. …
value adding improvements
household items value adding improvements

8 Tips to Add Value to Your Property & Secure Better Rent Return

As an investor, ensuring you add value to your property can arm you with all the materials you need to achieve the best possible rent return. There are a few tricks of the trade that can help you maximise on …

Every once in a while, you may want to spritz up your home. But renovating can be a time-intensive and expensive process. Here are four renovating mistakes you can avoid.

4 Mistakes to Avoid when Renovating for the First Time

  1. 1. First Things First – Finance

Renovating your home for the first time is expensive. You need to be prepared for expected as well as unexpected expenses. Which is why it is always advised to add 20 percent to your budget as a precaution.

If you are still paying your mortgage, this article guides you on how to use your mortgage to finance your renovations, along with your savings.

  1. 2. Approval from Council

You may not know this when you’re renovating for the first time. Any kind of renovation work, even if it’s just painting the outside of the house, you need to sign a contract that gives you approval from the council to start your renovation work. This article from Allianz gives you all the details for contracts that need to be signed.

  1. 3. Do It Yourself?

This is usually not recommended. A lot of DIY stuff is not covered by your home insurance. Be sure to check your policies before starting the job yourself. By doing it yourself, you may be making a big renovating mistake.

It can be risky and time-consuming. It does give you flexibility and full control over the project, but doing it with contractors, designers or architects would prove beneficial in the long run. And you will still have control over the project, but with advice from experts who know what they’re doing.

  1. 4. Hire a Professional!

Ninety-five percent of homeowners cannot imagine what their furniture would like in their homes. Which is why getting advice from an expert is worth every penny. You get the right colors, the right shades along with the safest ways to complete renovations in your home.

  • Architects give the best advice for extensions in your home or any related big projects.
  • Contractors take control of the project. They give you quotes on expenses and oversee activities.
  • Designers work on the aesthetic of your place.

They work side by side to turn your dream home into reality while avoiding the possibility of making renovating mistakes.

For more detailed information, view this guide on Home renovation in Queensland.

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As an investor, ensuring you add value to your property can arm you with all the materials you need to achieve the best possible rent return. There are a few tricks of the trade that can help you maximise on your investment return. Calibre Sales Agent, Andrew Keogh, shares with us his 8 top tips to add value to your property that can offer a low cost, high impact result. By making improvements such as the ones suggested below, you are giving your property the best possible chance to secure high quality tenants at a premium price.


8 Tips to Add Value to Your Property & Secure Better Rent Return

  1. 1. Painting

    Painting is an easy way to make a big impact on the presentation of a property, consequently an easy way to add value to your property. A fresh coast of paint internally and externally can be a deciding factor for many tenants. One of the first things that a prospective tenant will see is the exterior of your property, so it’s worth making sure the property looks its best outside and in. Properties that appear dilapidated or old will not achieve as high a rent as a freshly painted property of the same calibre. A fresh coat of paint will make your home look fresh, modern and more universally appealing. Ensure you stick to neutral, light colours or tones. Light colours also make the space feel large, bright and airy.

  2. 2. Floor Finishes

    Flooring is one of the first things that prospective tenants look at upon entering a property. Old, worn or stained carpet is huge factor for tenants, replacing these with new, quality carpets will increase your rental return. The same applies for hardwood floors, it may be worth having these sanded and restained.

  3. 3. Gardens

    First impressions count! Tenants look for high impact but low maintenance gardens. With the harsh Australian sun and long dry spells it can be hard for tenants maintain a quality garden while also keeping costs and maintenance to a minimum.

    Here Are 5 High Impact/Low Maintenance Gardening Tips:

    Use fast growing plants.
    Using small plants is particularly ideal for large blocks. Buy them in tubes of 100mm pots and you can cover more ground within your budget. Ornamental grasses, for example, are fast growing, hardy plants that require minimum water once established and work well in our climate

    Densely planted gardens.
    Densely planting your garden is extremely beneficial for a full and luscious look. You can also reduce desertification by shading the soil from the full impact of the sun and protecting it from harsh winds – both of which tend to dry the soil out very quickly. Shading the soil will also make it difficult for weeds to grow. Ensure you don’t pack the plants so tight that their root systems compete for nutrients in the soil.

    Introduce Succulents.
    Succulents are traditionally very colourful plants that can cope in challenging soil and direct sunlight. Succulents require minimal care and look incredible in just about any environment – adding a huge variety of shapes, forms and levels to your overall landscape.

    Pick the best plants for their environment.
    Picking the right plants for your garden plays a huge role in the cost and upkeep of them. It is essential to choose plants that not only look great but will also handle all elements thrown at them. A couple of great low maintenance plants suited for large areas are Beschorneria, Echium and Westringia. These plants all work well together and if you add some ornamental grasses and succulents you will have an amazing effect without all the fuss!

    Creeping vines.
    Have an unsightly backyard wall or garden fence you want to cover up? Climbing vines are the perfect solution. Unlike other plants, these vines can be trained, usually done with wire, to grow around/on anything of your choice. One of the least invasive that requires low maintenance and very little TLC is the trusty star jasmine. It can grow in sun or part shade, so is very reliable and perfect for up the side of the house where consistent sun and shade can be tricky.

  4. 4. Light Fittings

    The cost of lighting fixtures can vary greatly, but thanks to the DIY trend, we have seen a surplus of affordable, trendy light fittings. These small investments are value adding improvements that can help to make a space feel more modern, light and bright. Downlights along with the use of feature pendants can also boost a property’s appeal.

  5. 5. Window Coverings

    Window furnishings in rental properties should be chosen to keep the property feeling bright and airy while still allowing privacy to be maintained. Blinds or curtains in poor condition or dated could be a huge turn off for tenants. Keeping to neutral light colours like white, soft beige or light grey will keep the space from feeling dated or darkened. Also consider the quality of window furnishings, while it may seem like a larger investment at the time it may pay off with a longer life with less repairs required.

  6. 6. Air Conditioning & Ceiling Fans

    In the Queensland climate, many tenants will not even look at signing a lease without air conditioning or ceiling fans. Not only can air con and ceiling fans increase the rental yield by $10-20 per week, but also can also add value to your property. By installing a reverse cycle system, you can offer the property as a complete climate controlled property with both heating and cooling. If you’re considering installing air conditioning or ceiling fans, make sure you speak to a professional to ensure you’re installing the right size for the space in the right space.

  7. Value Adding Improvements7. Kitchen & Bathroom Upgrades

    Kitchens and bathrooms are typically the more expensive renovations to undertake. However if done right, it can be one of the most effective ways to increase your rental yield. This can be achieved simply by making some key value adding improvements. To ensure you’re getting bang for your buck, consider what would have the biggest impact for the smaller investment. For example, painting the cabinetry, replacing the benchtop, replacing appliances, replacing tapware, updating handles, replacing the shower screen, painting over dated tiles and resiliconing joins. Remember to keep a neutral, modern pallet.

  8. 8. Tax Depreciation

    Effective planning and preparation is critical for all property investors. This helps to ensure they are getting the most out of their tax returns. As a building gets older and items within it wear out, they depreciate in value. The ATO recognises that your property will deteriorate. Your property will require repairs and maintenance work done in order for you to continue to produce a taxable income. For info on how you can claim tax depreciation on your investment property, check out our article 5 Things You Need To Know About Claiming Tax Depreciation on Your Property.


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