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Gordon Zhang
Gordon Zhang Office Manager - Everton Park


MY NAME: Gordon Zhang Hong

I AM: The Director of a Finance Lease Company in Shanghai and an Office Manager at Calibre Real Estate

PROUDEST MOMENT: Getting Calibre Real Estate recognised by the Prime Minister, Mr Scott Morrison as Australian Economic Development.

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: Keeping up to date with the skills and knowledge required to be successful in the Real Estate Industry.

ALARM CLOCK: 6.30 am

PERFECT DAY: I will start the day with a cup of coffee then heading out to play Football. Or maybe just spend the day travelling with my friends.

FIRST JOB: Financial Leasing Director

SUPERHERO POWER: Great with numbers!

FAVOURITE SPOT IN BRISBANE: Anywhere with my family or friends.

INSPIRATION: My wife and my daughter.

CALIBRE IS: my home in Brisbane!

Gordon (Zhang Hong) is from a beautiful large city of Shanghai, China. He is a loving dad and husband to his daughter and wife.

Gordon has emerged his life in Brisbane as it is very similar to his hometown, both are near the coast and river. In his spare time, he enjoys soccer with his friends on the weekend and love watching soccer games on the TV. Back in Shanghai Gordon is a VIP member of the Shanghai Shenhua team and a member of the Lions Roar Team in Brisbane. Gordon also enjoys collecting music as this to him is relaxing and can learn the different culture between China and Australia.

Besides from his hobbies, Gordon is very much involved with Calibre Real Estate as the manager at Everton Park. Moreover, with his extensive work experience of over 20 years, Gordon also owns a finance lease firm in Shanghai. Gordon is very passionate about his work and in the future, he would love to improve on his English skills, travel more and retire.


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