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Simon Hughes
Simon Hughes Property Consultant


MY NAME: Simon Hughes

I AM: real- what you see, is what you get.

PROUDEST MOMENT:. Sharing my 3 children and 4 grand kids (so far) with my wife.

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: To continue learning as you get older.


PERFECT DAY: Sitting on the deck at the farm, and sampling the neighbours latest vintage.

FIRST JOB: Counting bolts at my father’s hardware shop.

FAVOURITE SPOT IN BRISBANE: Anywhere with family and friends.


CALIBRE IS: an agency that puts the client first.


Simon has joined the Calibre Real Estate team having lived and worked in The Gap for the past 20 years .As a self employed architect, Simon has designed homes for many local families in The Gap, Ashgrove, Bardon and all the inner west suburbs.

Architecture , like property sales, is a very personal, face to face business, and the transition to real estate sales is a natural fit. Exceptional communication skills, knowledge, attention to detail, trust and a down to earth approach are personal traits that will ensure a successful relationship in your selling experience.

Real estate sales, like the architectural profession, should be founded on the needs of the client and recognise that you are part of the team. Building specific knowledge that falls squarely in the realm of architecture can be an invaluable benefit in any real estate transaction. At the end of the day, you have a greater assurance that you will be in the advisory care of a competent professional, with fluent communication skills, the ability to think creatively and the flexibility to overcome any unforeseen problems

Simon has a long record of successfully guiding clients through the process of building a home, and is aware of the similarities in the often stressful process of buying and selling real estate.

With a large network of past clients, professional colleagues, builders, developers and investors , reinforced by the team environment at Calibre, Simon may already know of a buyer for your property.

In addition, with his experience and insight in the residential market, Simon is in a very good position to recognise and demonstrate the present and future potential of your property to prospective buyers.

So, when thinking of selling your property, think of Simon. He may well know your house better than you do !


That you can live in the suburbs with a small village feel and still be only 10klms from the CBD with all that it has to offer.


42 Silvertop Street


44 Farrell Street


3/39 Farm Street


2/39 Springwood Street

Mount Gravatt East

1/39 Springwood Street

Mount Gravatt East

3/39 Springwood Street

Mount Gravatt East

34 Fairlawn Street


39 Clausen Street

Mount Gravatt East

37 Clausen Street

Mount Gravatt East


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