Urban Bee Keeping


Backyard Bees Meet Paul Wood the owner of Brisbane Backyard Bees. Paul discusses the importance of healthy hives, urban bee keeping and the services he provides to create and maintain a healthy Brisbane bee population.

TPicture1ell us a bit about your company Brisbane Backyard Bees aims to support our bees and therefore our growing urban food systems by teaching people how to keep bees in a natural hive in their own backyards. In an age where we have become disconnected with so much of our natural world, and it has become OK to exploit our animals and insects for our own convenience, my aim is to restore that relationship between people and bees. The process of guiding a new beekeeper through the initial excitement, and maybe some trepidation as they get close to their new bees, is so rewarding for me…..knowing that the future of our bees and therefore our planet is heading in a positive direction.


Your unique point of difference I supply top bar hives with bees. A top bar hive is a hive that is designed to be sympathetic to the bees lifestyle – it is effectively a horizontal, hollow log. I like to see it as free-range beekeeping. It is a very easy, clean, healthy and intimate way of caring for bees. My customers are people who care deeply about their planet and would like to keep bees, for the bees and to support our food system. And of course, they still get enough honey to share with their neighbours.


What do you love about Brisbane? I love the climate and the fact that, with our sunshine and rain, you can almost watch things grow. And the bees love it for the year-round forage!

Get your own urban bee hive by contacting Paul on 0414 333 069 or visit:



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