Backyard office spaces are a winner

The backyard is loved for so many reasons – BBQs, lounging in the sun, a bit of  sport, or maybe you have a pool (lucky you).

But backyards aren’t just a useful space for leisure, they can also be a great spot to add some much-needed living space. We’re not talking just an extended decking area, but a whole room to utilise for working, or a retreat from a noisy household.

Home offices on the increase

It’s reported that one in 10 people work for themselves in Australia*, with many of those small businesses run from the home, and one in 12 paid workers work a few days from home every now and then*. All this adds up to a growing need for extra working space in the home.

So why not turn to the garden?

Architects and designers Archiblox have come up with a design which which was presented with the sustainability award at the 2013 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show and the silver award for best garden.

“These days whether people are working from home, starting their own business or doing creative projects, we know the importance of having a space that is removed from the hustle and bustle of the family home,” says co-founder and architect Bill McCorkell.

Back Yard Room


With a strong commitment to reducing carbon footprint, many backyard rooms are a perfect fit for longevity and healthy living.

With this winner, passive solar design, sustainable materials, water conservation and energy efficiency all helped create a garden office that achieves an at least six star energy efficiency rating.

Back Yard Room


“Whilst we offer a range of set designs, there is also the opportunity for clients to custom design their own backyard room using our innovative online BUILD.IT tool,” says McCorkell.

The commute to work would also be a breeze – and think of what you could save on parking!

Now to make that home office space as zen as can be, and you’re in for a great week at work.


Article sourced from by Holly Jones:

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