How To Find The Best Agent To Sell Your Home

When it does come time to sell, how do you go about choosing the best agent to sell your home?

It’s a dog eat dog world out there for a lot of real estate agents who are constantly fighting to get their names at the top of your ‘Call when you’re selling’ list. All letterboxes across the country are regularly flooded with “Just Listed” and “Just Sold” flyers from local real estate agents screaming to get our attention. That coupled with the online ads, personalised hand written notes on your doorstep, door knockers, cold callers and not to mention the bus stop advertising business doing a roaring trade thanks to the beloved Real Estate Industry.

So, how can you be sure you’re not choosing someone who will issue you with broken promises just to get the listing? Well the last thing you need right now is to choose an agent who will over promise and under deliver. It all comes down to making sure you do your homework and ask all of the right questions.

Licensed Real Estate Agent, Justin Hagen, tells us; “Finding the best agent to sell your property can be likened to conducting a job interview, you need to dig deep and really discover whether you feel this person is the right candidate for the job.”


3 Significant Objectives When Searching For The Best Agent To Sell Your Home

  1. 1. Best Market Price

    To achieve the highest possible sale price within your desired time frame.

  2. 2. Stress-free for you

    To make the sale of your property a stress-free experience. After all, why are you engaging an agent if you’re doing all the work or worrying about our progress? As a result, the ability of your agent to achieve this comes down to their efficiency, communication and honesty.

  3. 3. Relationship Building

    To create a relationship that extends beyond the duration of the sale. To good agents, real estate is as much about building lifelong friendships and partnerships as it is about selling property.

Rather than simply advertising your property in the local paper, a good agent will employ an integrated marketing strategy to stimulate the best responses from potential buyers. This includes professional photography, descriptive copyrighting, effective online promotions on real estate websites, interior property styling and many other services.

Here are the five factors you need to consider when choosing the best agent to sell your home:

  1. 1. Experience

    What are the agent’s qualifications? How long have they worked in the area? Can they show you a track record and offer testimonials?

  2.  2. Background check

    Spend some time researching the net to see the style of advertising your prospective agent is known for. Do they have professional images? Are their property descriptions creative or bland? How many visits have they had per listing on the net? (This may help you figure out the length of time they’ve had the listing.)

  3. 3. Network &  Connections

    Does your agent have a team of handymen, decluttering specialists, cleaners, gardeners, removalists they work with and recommend? If you need tips on how to get your house cleaned & prepared for sale, check out this helpful article.

  4. 4. The 8 Promise Guarantee

    Can your agent make our 8 promise guarantee? See this article for the 8 promises all agents should make when selling your property.  Does your agent offer a guarantee on their performance?

  5.  5. Market Savvy

    Are they asking for advertising money? This is a good thing. Professional images, copy writing, internet advertising, signage, brochures, and a floor plan – those things add up. It’s unlikely you’ll be using a savvy agent if they’re telling you all those things are ‘on the house’.


At the end of the day, you should feel confident that you chose the best agent to sell your home who will get you the best result possible.


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