Built to Last – 5 features of high-quality architecture


One can typically tell the difference between a traditional wood framed  (or “stick built”) home and a prefab that was thrown together and dropped on a lot. Ask any hopeful homeowner which they would prefer and a majority would take the former in a heartbeat. But there’s much more to first-rate architecture than what you can see from the curb.

Keep these five features of great planning and construction in mind for your next home, whether you’re starting from scratch or buying an existing property.

Functional. When a home is built with functionality in mind, it makes your daily life so much easier. Some homes are designed to dazzle buyers with glitz and glamour and, at times, fail in the more practical aspects, such as traffic patterns and storage. Make sure your new home is functional enough to jive with your lifestyle and living patterns.

Superior materials. Using topnotch building materials is essential for your long-term investment, not to mention your safety. The right insulation will decrease demands on your heating and cooling systems; properly treated wood will prevent mold and pest infestations in the framing of your home; and quality roofing materials will ensure your house is protected from the elements.

Sustainable. In the U.S., the manufacturing, design, construction, and operation of the buildings in which we live and work account for 38% of carbon dioxide emissions and 68% of total electricity consumption. When you buy a home that was built sustainably, you’re contributing to better air and water quality and conserving natural resources, which should enhance your own feel-good experience as a homeowner.

Accessible. In general, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements don’t apply to private homes (In Australia, this is also the case with the Disability Discrimination Act). Thus, many people don’t think about how accessible their home is until it’s too late. Is there an entrance you could use if you were suddenly or temporarily disabled? Would your aging relatives have access to at least one bedroom and one bathroom without having to climb a set of stairs? Being mindful of the challenges you or a guest could face will help you choose a home you’ll be happy and comfortable in for years to come.

Beautiful. This probably goes without saying, but good architecture isn’t reserved for the functional aspects of a home. Aesthetics are equally important! High quality, sustainable building materials mean less if you aren’t happy with the look and feel of the place you’ll call “home” for the long haul.

Article From: http://girlsguidetorealestate.com/2015/02/09/built/

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