Calibre’s Digital Marketing Secret Weapon

When COVID-19 hit, it impacted almost every industry and needless to say, the real estate industry was one of them. Traditional marketing, such as letterbox drops, brochures, door knocking and community events, and face to face meetings suddenly with the social distancing rules put in place, these methods were no longer a short term viable option.

During this time, Properti emerged as a new and upcoming social media software designed company specifically for the Real Estate Industry. Calibre Real Estate Principal, Alice Hagen saw this as an opportunity to set Calibre apart from its competitors and decided to jump onboard to be one of the first companies to collaborate with Properti. “Buyers are active on social media, maybe not as active buyers per se, and maybe not intentionally to see houses. However, we wanted to reach a greater audience, so our properties would cut through to people when they weren’t intentionally looking for properties,” says Alice.

“We choose to use Properti over any other software due to its flexibility and support from their team. The Properti team are very open to feedback and are quick to act on any ideas that have been thrown their way. One of our favourite features from the software is its ability to produce high-quality videos automatically. The Real Estate industry is fast-paced, and we are looking to automate almost everything and Properti is our secret weapon.”

“This software allows us to incorporate both traditional and digital marketing as we come closer to this new norm. Once the restrictions eased, our sales agents hit the ground running with their best effort to promote the properties via traditional and digital methods. While our agents are out meeting clients, their contents are being produced and posted at the same time. Properti has given our sales agent the ability to accomplish two jobs at the same time seamlessly.”

“The result has been a great user experience, greater engagement through social media, more videos being produced and uploaded ‘inhouse’, and the ability to easily see the statistics on the platform. We’ve seen a massive increase in social media engagement, comparative and competitive to the engagement levels of large franchise groups.”

Calibre Real Estate is always on the hunt to improve and innovate without straying from our roots. We don’t just focus on the property; we focus on the people. While everything is now online, we still thrive on ‘human’ touch as it creates binds of relationships. We believe in engaging with our buyers and sellers and not just electronic devices. Using Properti, we are able to still move with modern digital marketing without affecting our values to continue focusing on the people.

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