Caring for your Fiddle Leaf Fig

e18dbc5d89923ac0911fa0aae6797ae1The Fiddle Leaf Fig has fast become the latest ‘it’ plant; an indoor beauty with its big, round leaves.

Injecting colour and life into any room, pair with a funky concrete planter and voila! Now…how to care for your purchase:


1. They like lots of natural light but ensure they are not receiving direct sunlight

2. Watering depends on the humidity of your home but when the top inch of soil is dry you want to water it. This is generally once a week

3. Clean your leaves with a soft damp cloth. Dust effects the figs ability to absorb light and can accumulate fungus and bacteria

4. Enjoy!



We would love to see your fiddle leaf figs taking pride of place in your home! #calibrerealestate on instagram!


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