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hazardous bad property manager
hazardous property manager
hazardous property manager

How To Spot A Bad Property Manager & Avoid Them

In this article, we’ve exposed the 7 indicative traits of a bad Property Manager. Sharing her knowledge and experience from both a professional and personal viewpoint is Calibre Real Estate’s Principal, Alice …
best property manager
How to choose the right property manager for your property.
Best Property Manager How to choose the right property manager for your property. Property Investor

How To Choose The Best Property Management Agency Just For You

In order to maximise the return on your investment property, it’s imperative that your property is being well managed by the best property management agency in your area.  Choosing the wrong agency to manage your investment property could end in …

Landlord Rights of Refusal for Pet Owners & Smokers

When it comes to leasing a property you own, knowing the landlord rights about allowing or refusing pets can play a huge factor in the level of enquiry your property will receive. If you own a unit/apartment or townhouse, many …
Quick Tenancy Turnaround
Quick Tenancy Turnaround
Quick Tenancy Turnaround choose a mortgage broker

Insider Advice to a Quick Tenancy Turnaround

What can you do to ensure a quick tenancy turnaround time on your property? As property investors, we want to ensure that our property is leased efficiently and for the highest possible return. Good tenants are a precious commodity they pay …

How To Choose the Right Landlord Insurance For You

Conducting a Landlord Protection Insurance Health Check can be a very daunting process. With such a large number of policies available it’s important to know that you’re being covered should any adverse circumstances impact your investment property. One of Calibre Real …
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