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How To Find A Great Property Manager For You

Selecting a property manager to look after an investment property may be the difference between a good and bad experience as a landlord. In order to maximise the return on your investment property, it’s imperative that your property …

Renters Insurances And Why We Need Them

Renters insurance also referred to as “contents insurance”, renter’s insurance offers protection against all sorts of loss-incurring events.

Should I Buy or Rent? Which is better for me?

Whether you should buy or rent is a tough decision. Calibre Real Estate is here to help you make it.
breaking a lease

Breaking a Lease : How To End Your Tenancy Agreement

Sometimes, tenants may find themselves in a position whereby they need to break their lease early. Obviously, breaking a lease is not an ideal circumstance however there are some special conditions whereby this may be unavoidable. You may be moving …

Household Repairs in Rental Properties : Who Pays For What?

As a tenant, you are in charge of maintaining and keeping the property in a good condition. And as a property owner, you are in charge of the ensuring that your tenants are living in a safe and good condition. So …
pool safety in an investment property
pool safety in an investment property
pool safety in an investment property

Landlord’s Guide to Ensuring Pool Safety in an Investment Property

Do you own an investment property with a pool? If that’s the case, it’s important to get a full understanding of who is responsible for the pool when it comes to pool safety in an investment property. In An Investment Property, …
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