Choosing the right Landlord Insurance

The importance of comparing landlord insurance cannot be underestimated but choosing the right Landlord Protection Insurance can be a very daunting process. With such a large number of policies available it’s important to know that you’re being covered should any adverse circumstances impact your investment property.

Calibre Real Estate Brisbane have prepared a Landlord Insurance health check to help you make an informed decision when choosing your policy to protect your investment.


Key points to consider when choosing Landlord Insurance are:

  • Does your Insurer allocate the bond refund to rent? Or does your Insurer allow your Property Manager to allocate the funds to alternative expenses incurred?
  • How much does loss of rent cover? Is this enough time to follow legislative procedures prior to securing a tenant, including vacancy period?
  • Is pet damage included in your policy?
  • Is there an excess for loss of rent? What is the excess for property damage?
  • Does your policy allow for accidental damage?


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Disclaimer: Calibre Real Estate advise speaking to an insurance broker to discuss your policy and insurer that is right for you. Calibre Real Estate aim only to provide guidance from a Property Management perspective when looking for a comprehensive policy that is right for you.

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