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Brew Burnett Lane

Coffee is the world’s second most traded commodity. Some like it, some love it, some live for it. Not surprisingly, Brisbane – like the rest of the world – can’t get enough of the stuff.

But the tricky thing with coffee is knowing where the good beans lie. There is nothing worse that a bitter, burnt blend. So behold, Concrete Playground’s painstakingly researched guide to the top coffee spots in Brisbane.

Brew Burnet Lane Brisbane

1. Brew

Where: Lower Burnett Lane, Brisbane

Brew’s got everyone boasting about Brisbane’s Melbourne-like laneway potential. If you ask someone out for a coffee, the chance of them suggesting Brew as the location is high. It’s got that quirky feel, with fake grass, milk crate seating and video projections.

You’ll find an interesting mix of people getting about at Brew. Brew’s owners have done exceptionally well since their humble beginnings in 2010. The shop has an express coffee counter at the entry, which is very convenient when you’re on you’re way to work. Plus, it has a cozy, dimly lit café/restaurant out the back for when you’re looking to sit and enjoy a warm beverage in style.

If you’ve been to Brew once, you’ll be back again. The staff are lovely and welcoming and the coffee isn’t overpriced. If you love good coffee and good people, Brew may be your new favourite place.

Three Monkeys West End Brisbane

2. The Three Monkeys Coffee and Tea House

Where: 58 Mollison St, West End

The Three Monkeys suits any type of coffee date you’re planning. Friends, lovers, parents, colleagues – whomever you’re bringing along, they’re sure to love it. The iconic West End cafe is a favourite to many, and for good reason. There’s just something about it that keeps everyone coming back.

It’s cozy, chatty, and creative, and the coffee is always good. No matter how busy the venue gets, it still somehow always feels relaxed and inviting. Though the line out the door can be intimidating, it’s worth the wait.

sausage dog coffee sarah

3. Our Haus

Where: 95 Riding Road, Hawthorne

As Talking Heads would have it, Our Haus is actually located in the middle of my street. I find this both ridiculously comical and coincidental, but it makes my relationship with their coffee seem that much more involved. They offer a quick, quality coffee service that is great for both take-away or dine in occasions.

Ideal for work meetings, early morning coffee callings or just a casual hangout with friends, Our Haus is exceptionally inviting. Plus, it’s pet friendly, with a ‘puppycino’ on the menu for your four-legged friend.

Pearl Cafe Coffee

4. Pearl Café

Where: 28 Logan Rd, Woolloongabba

It seems Pearl Café was onto a good thing with its ‘what’s old is new again’ stance on coffee and cuisine. As a notable draw card for Woollongabba’s antique precinct, the European style bistro is booming and Brisbane folk are loving it. Owned by former Gunshop Café manager Daniel Lewis, Pearl Café is bursting at the seams with genuine old world charm. The café is most recognised for its eatery, but the coffee is also brilliant.

Their strong, well-made brew goes down a treat with freshly made cakes resting on adorable vintage cake stands. Pearl’s only downfall is that it’s hard to just pop in for a coffee, as you’ll want to try absolutely everything on the menu.


5. Kerbside

Where: Constance St, Fortitude Valley

We’re a tad biased when it comes to venues with vintage flair. Add street art and a batch of good coffee and Kerbside is one of our favourite places. Though better known for its nightlife, Kerbside is also a smashing place to enjoy a warm beverage during the day.

Next time you’re out and about in The Valley, be sure to give their coffee a go. We’re sure you will be pleasantly surprised.


6. Ric’s

Where: 323 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley

It may not be the most glamorous coffee shop about, but can anyone seriously walk past a coffee and $4 breakfast? Welcoming at almost all hours of the day, the folks at Ric’s will give you the caffeine fix you need to get you through the rest of it. And as an added bonus, they won’t judge you for looking half dead because you’ve been awake for the last 24 hours.

But you don’t have to be a tired, drunken, caffeine junkie to enjoy the coffee. If you can’t afford the overpriced coffee and banana bread at the more salubrious coffee spots around the Valley, give Ric a chance. He’ll look after you.

Aromas Regent Brisbane

7. Aromas Regent

Where: 167 Queen St, Brisbane

Located inside Brisbane’s historic Regent Theatre is Aromas coffee shop. It’s hard to not feel nostalgic as you walk inside; the venue takes your mind back to yesteryear and the amazing times that would have been spent here in the venue’s early days.

The coffee is reasonably priced and is a nice alternative to the hustle and bustle of the busy Brisbane city. The Aromas business also sells exotic teas and coffee products. And be sure to check out the amazing, over-sized chocolate muffins that seem to reach out to you in a way like no other muffin has before.

Mugged Bulimba

8. Mugged

Where: Shop 1, 134 Oxford Street, Bulimba

Anywhere that sells Campos coffee is a winner in our books. Mugged has an adorable feel that sets it apart from the rest of the coffee shops in Brisbane, with a Polaroid display that covers the front counter and ‘lolly-cinos’ you see kids chowing down on when out with their parents.

You can take your cuppa to go and enjoy it in the Oxford Street park, or you can chill on the milk crates, perfectly positioned so everyone who walks by can feel envious. Although there are many great coffee shops on Oxford Street, it’s hard to walk past Mugged without giving them your week’s worth of coins in exchange for a cup of Campos.

Lady marmalade

9. Lady Marmalade

Where: Corner Logan Road & Cleveland Street, Stones Corner

Stones Corner isn’t exactly Brisbane’s creative hub, but it has some beautifully adorned coffee shops. Located in the old corner shop where Replay Records was once kept lives Lady Marmalade, a particular favourite amongst the Stones Corner folk.

Bare brick walls, odd ornaments and table numbers represented by rubber fruits with faces only add to the café’s charm. To keep your mind busy as you wait for your coffee, the tables are covered with a mixture of famous art and front-page clippings from fifty year-old Brisbane newspapers. Add a damn fine cup of coffee to the mix and you’ve got something to tell your friends about.

Tea Centre Scones

10. The Tea Centre

Where: 191 Albert Street, Brisbane

We feel at least one spot in the list must be dedicated to good tea. And The Tea Centre delivers exactly that.

The Devonshire deal at TTC keeps us alive. Tea and scones are one of the best things ever invented, and we this top ten placing pay tribute to the greatness of The Tea Centre’s rendition. You’ll find every type of tea imaginable here, and the experience these guys provide is much more enjoyable than brewing with your kettle at home.

Article source: Concrete playground, words by Sarah Hazlehurst:

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