Colle Rosso

We are lucky enough to be located right next door to Colle Rosso, a deliciously authentic Italian restaurant offering dine in and take away options. David, Marco, Laura and Lisa are the owners of Colle Rosso.  In charge of the kitchen are David and Marco who are highly qualified Italian chefs and running the Restaurant are Laura and Lisa. All four have previously worked for International Hotel groups, Restaurants and Resorts both in Australia and in Europe.  Colle Rosso uses only fresh ingredients from local producers as well as products that can only be obtained from International suppliers. Their menu consists of rustic and authentic Italian meals as well as twisting traditional dishes. They transport you and your taste buds back to the original country of cuisine…ITALY!

And, did you know the name Colle Rosso means Red Hill in Italian.

Imagine…you have just landed on the picturesque Island of Sardegna and spent the day at stunning Porto Cervo. The sun is setting and you sit down at a seaside restaurant where you quench your thirst with a refreshing glass of Vermentino and dine on fresh seafood. How does it taste?…How do you feel?…We want to recreate this setting and these emotions for you – so sit down, relax, eat, drink and enjoy the experience at Colle Rosso! Visit them at 191 Musgrave Road, Red Hill



191 Musgrave Road,
Red Hill QLD 4059

07 3367 3411