17 Clever Design and Decorating Tricks for Compact Apartments

Houzz has compiled 17 clever design and decorating tricks for compact apartments:


Decorating a spatially-challenged apartment can be tough. And I say that from experience; the cosy (read: shoe box-sized) place I currently call home is a studio apartment just 36 square metres in size. And, let me tell you, furnishing and styling my compact space has been a daunting task. In fact, I still haven’t finished decorating the studio and I’ve lived here for almost nine months.


So, why has it taken me so long? Well, it’s mainly due to a lack of research on my part and not reading up on design tricks the pros use to transform diminutive dwellings like mine into stylish, inviting and liveable spaces that look much larger than they really are. Honestly, if I had known then what I know now, my apartment would’ve been fully decked out months ago!


If you’re an apartment dweller who, like me, is struggling to decorate their pint-sized place, try these simple space-enhancing tricks at home and watch as your compact apartment becomes an abode that’s big on style and functionality, and doesn’t look so small in size after all…


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