Elliott Ripper House


elliott2The project presents an appropriately simple and direct extrapolation of an existing archetypal form within a sustainably modest footprint. It provides a significantly expanded series of connected interior volumes that harness access to sunlight, ventilation and strengthened links to tree canopies and sky, with extension of key existing materials and finishes to retain some memory of its previous incarnation.

An inserted ground floor open living volume is generated by extension of the original envelope and internal levels to an averaged plan footprint of former lean-to’s, followed by a rear first floor addition that extrudes the previous floor plate and gable-ended roof form over the new ground floor. The cathedral volume is retained within the new first floor room arrangement and an extrapolated ceiling-to-wall junction scribes the wrapped alignment of all element heights, lightly bridged to raked ceiling planes by opalescent polycarbonate – while a generous carved void and open stair vertically expands the relationship between two previously unrelated floors.

Fine steel plate elements contrast rusticated weatherboards and expanses of fixed glass and western red cedar external-face sliding doors & pivot windows offer varying degrees of openness and enclosure to temper light and air, strengthening connections to its setting. Two living spaces reflect contemporary patterns of use to enable separation of adult and children functions when required. The ground floor area provides a ‘day’ space for meals preparation, dining and expansive enjoyment of rear gardens, while the upper living room provides an ‘evening’ space for relaxation, separation from utilities and enjoyment of district views – with an adaptable third bedroom providing flexibility for future use as a study.






























































































Builder: Paul King Pty Ltd
Structural Engineer: SDA Structures
Hydraulic Consultant: Shore to Flow
Landscape Architect: Carmichael Studios with
Christopher Polly Architect
Surveyor: Junek & Junek
Certifier: Paul Aramini Consulting
Planner: Damian O’Toole Town Planning
Photography: Brett Boardman


article source: http://christopherpolly.com/projects/elliott-ripper-house

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