How To Choose The Best Exterior Paint Colour For Your Home

Are you considering updating the appearance of your home and unsure of which exterior paint colour to choose?? You’re not alone, it can be a really tough choice. Your exterior paint colour is the anchor to your home’s overall look & feel and therefore an important decision to get right. So, before you get donning the super stylish white overalls and laying down the drop sheets, there are a few simple things we suggest you take into consideration.

We know the importance of choosing the right exterior paint colour, but how exactly do we go about choosing the best colour just for your home? Colour palettes, complementary hues, matte vs gloss… it can all get a little overwhelming. Luckily, there are experts like Rebecca Low from The Little Shop of Colours in this world who offer affordable colour consultations.

A colour consultation arms you with carefully selected paint colours, a clear and dedicated style and the contacts and know how to complete your project with ease.

Rebecca tells us that “When choosing the best exterior paint colour for your home, there are many aspects to take into consideration.  The architectural style of your home is at the top of this list. It’s important to take the style into consideration in order to ensure that the paint colours you choose complement the overall look & feel of your home. The placement of your home (with regards to light and location) is also important along with your own family’s personal taste too, of course.”


To demonstrate which option is best for your home, Rebecca has revealed for us,

The Top 5 Classic Exterior Paint Colour Palettes For Your Home

  1. 1. Whites and Neutrals

    The use of whites and neutrals is timeless and will see you through the ages.  The appeal comes from offering a crisp and clean finish to your home.  By using whites and neutrals, your frontage will appear larger, with light reflecting off all surfaces with ease.  This colour palette is well suited to Queenslanders, for instance, due to their classic architectural shapes and features, allowing your home to remain central to the property and reveal its beautiful details. I would recommend introducing a colour to the trims to define and frame your home.  With Brisbane’s blue skies and large, dense foliage, green and blue based greys and blacks work beautifully, offering a firm relationship with your home’s surroundings.  With the myriad of whites and neutrals available, it is imperative to get the colour right as different tones will create various finishes.

  2. 2. Black

    On the other end of the colour spectrum, black is another winner for your home’s exterior.  Black brings with it a contemporary feel and can suit many styles of architecture, from modern straight lines to the features of a period home (think gables and large wooden doors).  When using black as your main colour, I would recommend for homes with large frontages and a clear and low garden setting.  Black is suited to cooler climates as it offers a cosy and inviting sense of being.  However, black won’t absorb heat as lighter colours do and is therefore attractive to Brisbane’s climate.

  3. 3. Greys

    Subtle undertones of green allow your home to slide effortlessly into a backdrop of natural elements in your area.  Where your home is set higher on a property, undertones of blue work beautifully against the skyline.  Greys work well in delivering contrast and enhancing the smaller features of your home.  By painting these features in a true white, such as Dulux’s Vivid White, your home will offer an inviting and beautiful setting.

  4. 4. Bright Colours

    Let your personality shine through by adding a bright colour to your home’s exterior.  Colour will bring joy and smile to yours and your guest’s faces as they enter through the gate.  As colour is a strong mood influencer, restraint is necessary to ensure balance and harmony.  Modern architecture with solid lines provide a perfect opportunity to explore colour.  By placing colour on the most prominent wall and carrying through with a neutral on the remaining walls, the colours will bring drama and depth to your home’s exterior.  You may consider applying the colour to your front door to define the entrance, with pot plants or a bench seat in similar hues.  It is possible to choose any colour that makes you happy, with the tone and hue being an important choice in order to remain sympathetic to your home’s surrounds.

  5. 5. Coastal Colours

    Coastal exterior colours allow you to bring the beach over the threshold and into your home, extending the relaxation and calm that comes with the coastal experience.  Any green, blue or aqua colour palette can be employed, with the tone and hue being the driver in getting the right look for your home and its setting.  These colours also work well with pools and open concept/ outdoor living.


If you’re looking at updating your home, colour is a wonderful starting point and will create the canvas for the rest of your home’s style.  A colour consultant will help you to pinpoint the right colour palette to suit you and your home.  The cost of a consultation is minimal when applied against the cost of paint and is therefore, the ideal professional to have on hand.

If you’re in the process of trying to decide on which exterior paint colour to chose for your home, Rebecca from The Little Shop of Colours offers 90 minute colour consultations in your home.  Here, Rebecca will take you through the colour selection process taking into consideration your style, the overall look and feel you’d like to achieve, all with your family in mind.

A big thanks goes to the wonderful Rebecca Low for providing her excellent colour knowledge for this article :

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