What Does The Colour Of Your Front Door Say About You?

Colour psychology is a thing. The colour of your front door can be a powerful communication tool. So, if we were to broadly apply colour psychology to our front doors, we can dig a little deeper into discovering what type of home owner and neighbour your are portraying yourself to be.

colour of your front doorYellow

You’re not too concerned about what the neighbours think about your vibrantly coloured front door. While they’re busy deliberating as to whether or not they actually like the statement colour plastered all over your entryway… you’re completely oblivious. You don’t have time to dwell on the thoughts of others around you.  That’s because you’re too busy dancing on the rooftop of your own home, broadcasting to the entire precinct how sickeningly happy you are.


colour of your front doorBrown/Natural Timber

When asked what colour your front door is, you pause in reflection because you can’t even remember something so insignificant. Friends and family are more important to you than any material possessions you could ever have. You are grounded, down-to-earth and extremely reliable. You’re a good neighbour, you take their bins out and water their turf when they go away. You frequently book weekend getaways at nature sanctuaries in the hinterland and carry essential oils for every mood in the convenient location of your trusty handbag.


colour of your front doorPink

You enjoy the lovely things in life, particularly when they smell amazing. Your home is full of things that are subtly fragrant and very soft to touch. Every piece of furniture in your home is strategically placed and very well thought out. Your guests always comment on how comforted they feel when they enter your home. You love having guests come to stay but you love it even more when they leave.



colour of your front doorBlue

All home owners with blue front doors have beautiful gardens, it’s a fact*. You enjoy the finer things in life like your Wedgewood fine china set, bone handled cutlery, leather bound books and the smell of rich mahogany. Upon entry into your home, a sense of peaceful tranquility engulfs you and you instantly feel secure among the safe confines of your immaculately presented traditional home.
*Not really a fact.


colour of your front doorRed

Sometimes, you find yourself standing by your letterbox, staring longingly at the entryway into your home. You are confident that the colour of your front door is an exact reflection of you as a person; passionate and bold. Your friends often joke that every dinner party at your place is always full of random, unexpected surprises and you love it.



colour of your front doorPurple

You chose to paint your door purple because, well, you can. You lead a well nourished, active lifestyle and you look after yourself very well. You’re a bit of a hermit, you prefer your own company and that of those really close to you, you don’t have much time for anybody else. You Instagram photographs of beautiful things in & around your home at least once a week, with all of the trendy hashtags too of course.



colour of your front doorBlack

Your home is perched proudly on the most desirable block of the entire street. You know your neighbours would probably prefer to own your home instead of their own, but they don’t. Because it’s yours, and you’re there to stay. You are the leader of the pack when it comes to owning the best & latest fancy devices like iPhones, TVs and coffee machines. You’ll treat your neighbours kindly and politely so long as they play by your rules. Because they better watch their back if they dare paint their front door the same colour as yours.


colour of your front doorGreen

You don’t even like the colour of your front door. In fact, every single time you walk through your doorway you feel repulsed and reminded that you really must get the paint brushes out. But you keep putting it off because you’re too busy living life, socialising and traveling the countryside whenever possible. Life is good and the front door can wait.



colour of your front doorWhite

Everything about your home screams sleek and stylish, just like you and the clothes you wear. Everything in your life needs to be clean and orderly. You thrive on structure. You LOVE to organise everything, your wardrobe is colour coded, you can’t stand when your cutlery isn’t neatly stacked in its designated section and you stencil the outline of your tools on the wall in your garage. And most importantly, you make a mean spag bowl.



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