Chicken coops can be beautiful additions to your yard and it’s amazing what some people have been able to create. Chickens are often the first step into urban farming and in no time you’ll be building your very own Hilton for hens. There are many different styles of coops and runs that you can buy, or build but here are some ideas for DIY enthusiasts.

The Coop upcycling a cubby house gives you a lovely shell to work with. Just add nesting box and roost! Keeping it on its posts will ensure they’re high and dry and away from predators.

Roost Chickens roost at night. Find branches and secure them inside the hen house.

Nesting box Depending on how many chickens you have, you may need a few. Recycling crates or repurposing pallets is a great way to create a nesting box easily. It also makes for an on trend hen house!

Dust Bath Chickens cool off and rid parasites by giving themselves dust baths. Filling a sandpit with dirt will make them very happy.

Sweet Treats For a particularly hot day freeze corn and water in muffin trays.

Hanging Feeders hang your water and grain feeder from the roof with chain. This will help eliminate rodents.

Living Roof Turn your chicken coop roof into a mini garden bed by planting some herbs that will love the direct sunlight.

Colour Get colourful and give your hen house a coat of bright paint. Traditional red is always a favourite or why not try a lovely turquoise or a chic pastel.

Homely Touch Reuse windows or doors or add inexpensive Ikea handles for a homely touch.

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