Having a small backyard flock of chickens is a growing urban farming trend. Relatively inexpensive and low maintenance, city dwellers can now enjoy fresh, free range eggs right from their own back yard.

The benefits

  • Your eggs come from happy hens!
  • Fresh, organic eggs daily
  • Fertiliser for your garden
  • Low maintenance
  • Interesting and enjoyable pets
  • They will eat your scraps, reducing kitchen waste

Things to consider

  • You will need room for a sheltered coop to lay eggs and to roost at night. They will also need a run, unless they’re able to free range in your yard
  • For 4 chickens you’ll need a minimum area of about 16 square ft. But it is always best to give them as much space as you can

1.Location, location, location choose where your chickens will reside. Does it get both light and shade?

2.The Hen House You’ll need a chicken coop equipped with nesting boxes and roost. This should be sheltered and secure.

3.Run or Range If they can free range your yard, great! But if you want to keep your veggie patch in tact, you can provide them with a run. The more room the better! This can be enclosed or open. But note that if not enclosed with chicken wire, sometimes pigeons may flock to your yard and eat their food.

4.Research care requirements. They need access to grain and water at all times, they will eat most scraps and you will need to check for mites regularly.

5.Get your city chickens! There are many different breeds to consider however, a great option is to adopt an ex battery hen. Check out www.homesforhens.net for more information.

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