The Ultimate Guide to Home Staging

Home Staging can be a daunting task, especially when you don’t have professionals involved. Having professionals can help you decide where everything goes. If you choose to do it by yourself, here is our ultimate guide to home staging. This guide has a few easy things you can do to prepare for an open home!

The Ultimate Guide to Home Staging

  1. 1. The living room

    This is where the buyers will spend most of their time both during the home event as well as the final stages of the showing. To get an idea of how many people to expect at your home showing event, try using a ticketing service to create an event page and system of RSVPing.

    To boost conversations and interactions, it’s best to pull your furniture away from the walls and ensure there is plenty of seating in the living room for guests to test furniture and have conversations with the seller or other guests.

    Since this is where the majority of time is spent, so arranging the layout of appliances, couches, etc in a pleasurable way will boost the appeal is key. Work on helping your guest imagine themselves in that space!

  2. 2. Give the kitchen a good feel

    For many home buyers, a kitchen space can be a make or break, so be sure to organise and style yours to your advantage. Counter space, appliances, and overall floor layout are great aspects you’re able to emphasize to potential buyers.

    When preparing your kitchen, be sure to be mindful of these different “selling points” and make efforts to highlight the great things that are possible in the kitchen.

    Little details are always great eye-catchers when it comes to evaluating the kitchen. Things like plants, bowls of fruit, and even snacks for your guests can go a long way in making your home event standing out from the competition.

  3. 3. Tidy  the Toilets

    Unsurprisingly, cleanliness is one of the most important aspects when it comes down to styling the toilets for a home show, but there can be fun ways to have this room stand out from the rest of the home.

    Details can become super important when styling your home for your open home. On the artistic side, try creating a theme for your toilet, something like a beach theme or something even as simple as a colour scheme. The inclusion of natural light, indoor plants as well as brand new towels, can create a desirable aesthetic that can surely please customers.

    There are many relatively simple gestures as well to take, like upgrading fixtures such as your shower heads, faucets, and light bulbs.

  4. 4. Make the bedrooms look luxurious

    Your final step in staging your home for the main event are the bedrooms. It should also serve as your own private sanctuary to get away in your home. Keep the bedroom simple in terms of the arrangement, pillows, storage and overall layout.

    Great details to add to any bedroom are art and wall hangings or even drapes. This adds the illusion of height to any room and create a more spacious feeling.

    Mirrors and lighting also be significant factors when staging a bedroom that can distinguish master bedrooms from the other bedrooms. Again, allowing them to imagine themselves living in that space will help your sales pitch exponentially.

This guide should help you set up your home before your Open Home. If you’d like some more ideas about styling your place, check out our other articles:

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