How to: stage a house during the holidays

If you’re selling amidst the twinkle and cheer of Christmas, you’ll still need to present your property in the most positive light possible for buyers.

Here are some easy tips to help you entertain yourself and your loved ones with seasonal trimmings that don’t put off would be buyers or bring bah humbug to the inspection process.

Christmas tree lounge room

Blend in

Your holiday decorations should match the interior of your home. It sounds like common sense, but the silly season can sometimes shake our sense and style sensibilities.

These days there’s a dazzling array of Christmas and festive decor that suits every colour scheme. If your property is a cool looking beach home, don’t hang grand, wintery themed decorations. Go minimalist with cool colours and textures.

If you’re selling a period home with colonial charm, deck your halls more traditionally and shy away from overly modern and shiny baubles and toys.

Your decorations should be treated the same way as the rest of your interior – a template that people can easily see themselves in; nothing too extreme, yet capable of sparking the imagination.

Modern Christmas decorations on coffee table

Go for neutral decorations like wreathes, lights, candles and lights.

Keep it secular

Even if you or your family is religious and might normally hang religious icons or artefacts to celebrate a particular holiday, you should keep it agnostic when it comes to prospective buyers.

Keep your faith, but keep it low key for people viewing your property over the holidays. Go for neutral decorations like wreathes, lights, candles and lights.

Christmas trees are fine, but keep them classy and simple, not swimming in tinsel. Ensure they’re neatly presented and in an unobtrusive spot that doesn’t mask features or distort the space.

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Go for the nose

Smells can help sell, and if it’s that most wonderful time of the year, they should march to the beat of the little drummer boy.

Unless it’s totally out of step with your target market, you can usually afford to dabble more with olfactory advertising over the holidays. Some cookies perhaps? Fresh greens in a gorgeous wreath or garland. Fresh, bright flowers.

Remember not to combine too many scents or inadvertently achieve that perfume in the face splutter.

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Resist the tacky

Life’s too short to judge. Your musical reindeer garden ornament may well be the coolest thing ever. And it makes you happy, which is the most important thing. Except if you’re selling your house.

Keep it sparing and don’t drown what’s great about your property with over the top theming. Save that stuff for the first Christmas in your new place instead.

House with lots of Christmas lights

Not really an ideal way to attract buyers…

It may be Christmas…

Do include seasonal touches that demonstrate what a very pleasant place yours is to celebrate.

But the usual home staging wisdom still applies – organise and declutter, avoid polarising styles and furnishings, highlight the best features and be creative (but not deceptive) about accentuating less compelling ones.

Don’t smother your original fireplace with stockings, or mask stunning French doors with legions of cards.

Do include seasonal touches that demonstrate what a very pleasant place yours is to celebrate.


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