DIY Tips To Increase The Sale Price Of Your Home

When preparing to embark on selling your place, there are a handful of low-cost improvements you can make that could drastically increase the sale price of your home. By improving the overall appearance of your property, you are ensuring you’re appealing to a wider network of potential buyers which will help ensure you can achieve the highest possible sales price.

Real estate property professional, Blake Gannon, is the Sales Associate for The Justin Hagen Team at Calibre Real Estate. Blake has personally seen the differences that small improvements around the home can really make. “Just by spending a few days attending to the touch-ups & improvements around your property, you could potentially increase the sale price of your home by thousands” Blake tells us.

In this article, Blake shares with us his :

DIY Tips To Increase The Sale Price of Your Home.

  1. 1. TLC in the Garden

    Mulching is a low cost way to dress up the garden beds and hide the weeds. You simply won’t believe the difference mulching will make to improving the overall appearance of your outdoor areas. Also, cleaning your gutters is not only good maintenance practice but it’ll also ensure you minimise debris around your yard.

  2. 2. Greenery Indoors

    Indoor plants add life and colour into the space. They make the space feel more welcoming and inviting. A potted plant is also a create filler of dead space or corner. See our article : Low Maintenance Indoor Plants to help you choose which ones to get.

  3. 3. Paint touch ups

    A new lick of paint makes a world of difference to making the property feel clean and presentable. Whether you do it yourself or employ a professional to finish the job, either way a good paint job will definitely go a long way.

  4. 4. Get Stylin’

    The style of your home can often dictate the overall look and feel. A consistent colour palette will make each room feel like it’s connected to the next and will give your home a ‘finished’ look. Whether you love bold, bright colours or softer, more muted tones you can add interest to your spaces by introducing pops of colour through the use of cushions, throws and other styling accessories. Mix smooth and rough textures or even florals and prints to create a more interesting space.

  5. 5. Declutter

    If you are planning on selling your property, decluttering can make a massive difference if you want to increase the sale price of your home. Less clutter makes your property present better to all potential buyers. Hosting a successful garage sale is an excellent way to clear out any unwanted goods. Smaller spaces aren’t necessarily bigger problems, they just take a bit of extra planning and styling. There are a few cheeky tricks that you can use to ensure you are getting the most out of your small space.

  6. 6. Out With The Old

    New carpet makes the entire home feel clean and fresh. Old carpet can have a bad odour and be really off-putting for a potential buyer. Consider choosing a plush carpet in a neutral colour tone that feels comfy under foot.

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