Is It Best To Sell A Property Vacant or Occupied?

Sellers often ask us if they should sell their property vacant or occupied. In this blog, we will answer this question. Whether your property is occupied by yourself or a tenant, we’ve got your back.

Lucy Jones, a sales agent at Calibre Real Estate, recommends that owners vacate the property and style it. “If this is not an option, de-clutter and put some of your belongings in storage. It is best to sell a property vacant and styled. That way, the property is guaranteed to remain well presented, clean, and tidy throughout the campaign. This is one less thing to worry about. A property never presents as well when it is occupied, styling is highly recommended.” She said.

Comparatively, it is much easier to show a vacant property than an occupied one. For starters, without occupants, it is easier to show the house as there is no need to schedule a showing time. Agents can show the house at any convenience.

If the property is occupied, the occupant will be under pressure to constantly ensure that the property is in immaculate showing condition.

“Selling a property that has tenants occupying can be a bit tricky. A lot of tenants are great to work with, but you may get a tenant that isn’t cooperative or accommodating of the sales campaign” said Lucy.

On the other hand, selling a vacant property can feel empty and emotionally detached. Hence why we recommend styling the house. A styled house helps potential buyers with visualising how they can use the space.  Buyers like the feel of a home that has been lived in and Property Styling helps you to achieve this without additional clutters. When picking a Property Stylist, ensure that they are styling for sale and not just for aesthetic reasons. When a property is styled for sale, the Stylist will take into account the market demographic, visual appeal, and more.

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