Kitchen makeovers cook up hot sellers


TIME is money when it comes to selling property, so here are some quick, clever tips to give your kitchen a makeover.

A well-presented kitchen has the power to add significant value when selling your home, so it’s worth putting effort into an update of this space. Old-fashioned cabinets, splashbacks and colours will put off potential buyers so these should be replaced by more modern options.

It goes without saying that whatever the state of your kitchen, old or new, the most important aspect is that it looks clean and fresh when presented for sale.

If you don’t have the budget for a completely new kitchen, consider some clever tricks to brighten up your existing one. There are many economical options available. Spray painting cupboard doors and utilising contemporary new handles, putting in a new bench, or simply renovating laminate will work wonders. A new tile splash back will also give a more modern feel.

Try to avoid bold colours with paint and tiles as they won’t appeal to as many people as neutrals. Up-to-the-minute options include glass splashbacks, but if you want an affordable option that will appeal to a broad market, you can’t beat simple, glossy white tiles. If you need inspiration, visit a large kitchen showroom where you can see the latest trends and replicate them in your own home.

An innovative new product has also emerged to update tired looking tiles. Tile decals adhere to old tiles, giving them an instant update and can be sourced online. If you want to replace cabinetry, you can now buy affordable pre-fabricated cupboards which can be made to your specifications off-site, then installed in your kitchen in a short time frame.

Pantries are also high on buyers’ priority lists. Pull-out pantries are a great way to add storage in limited space.
A kitchen that has easy access between the sink, oven and bench is best, so if your kitchen design is cluttered and small, you might consider opening it up. It might seem obvious, but a dedicated cavity space for the fridge, oven and microwave is essential.

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