How To Make Your Outdoor Area Fun For Kids

Parents sometime struggle to find ways to make their children have fun outdoors. Playing outside helps your child learn about the environment and have their own little adventures. They get to test their physical capacities and experiment with different games while being out of your way so you can have some calm indoor time!

For this reason, we asked Calibre’s principal, Alice, who already owns a fun outdoor space, to advise us on easy ways to build a fun outdoor space for kids!

4 Ways to Make Your Outdoors Fun

  1. 1. Putt Putt Place

  2. If you have an area where grass will not grow, consider turning it into a putt putt area! This video from Better Homes and Gardens, can help you understand how to turn that narrow pathway into a mini golf course for your kids. Kids would love this since it would make them want to compete with each other. Unlimited fun while utilising space that would otherwise be unused space.

  3. 2. Rock Climbing Wall

    To make a Rock Climbing Wall, use a rendered wall to create a rock climbing course for your kids. Ask your builder to strengthen the wall and add rock climbing pegs to it. You can find pegs online through Ebay or amazon. This rock climbing course is challenging and allows kids to test their physical strength.

  4. 2. Sandpit

    Alice used the space under the deck and stairs to build a mini veg garden and a long sandpit play area. Gardening is always a fun activity for kids  to learn about plants and to understand how to be responsible. And sandpits unleash the creativity within your child!
    Another great activity, like the one in this blog, is to create dog bones with plaster of paris or buy plastic bones and dig them into the sandpit so kids can have their mini archaeological adventures, looking for the bones.

  5. 2. Other Installs

    Swings, trampolines, swimming pools – All fun ways to keep your kids entertained and have fun outdoors. Some other great ideas would be to set up a giant Jenga on a sheltered area, a Twister area or sidewalk chalk for your kid to use on the deck/patio for their inner Jackson Pollock.

  6. These 4 tips should help you create a fun outdoor place for your kids. If you’d like some more ideas about styling your place, check out our other articles:

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