Make the most of your deck


AS an Englishman Selling Homes Australia co-host Charlie Albone says Australian homes are all about the deck.

But the LifeStyle Channel personality says he sees many that are wasted spaces.

“No doubt having a deck is appealing when it comes to selling a property but the best ways to maximise profits at sale are also the best ways to maximise the use of the deck as an owner,” he says.

Albone offers the following tips for making the most of your deck:

* Make sure the deck is in good condition and compliant with council regulations. A rickety, old, rotten, deck is worse than no deck at all so get specialist help to fix up the deck so it feels and looks safe. Carpenters are the best for advice and expect to pay $60 per hour for that expertise.

* Make sure the decking boards have a makeover. Worn decking boards, be they treated pine or hardwood, look so much better with a coat of fresh stain, oil or paint. The key to a successful finish is in the preparation, so remove all flaking and bubbling with sand paper and give them a good scrub with an oxalic acid-based cleaner. Once dry a fresh coat of finish can be applied. Oil is the most common but only lasts about a year, while new acrylic-based sealers can last three to five times longer.

An empty deck is a lifeless deck, so give it purpose with furniture. A simple table and chairs allow buyers to see themselves using the space and it also gives you a space to entertain. Lounge-style outdoor sofas and day beds really set the mood for a relaxed feel in the garden but make sure, as with any furniture, you add a few stylish elements such as cushions and candles to add personality and interest.

* Remember, the deck is part of the garden so it will need some plants to give it some green life. Pots are usually the best way to get plants up on a deck but when choosing plants for pots remember they dry out very quickly so choose drought-tolerant species. If you can push the budget to raised planters, you will be able to add even more greenery and this helps bring the garden closer to the house, which makes the property feel unified.

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