Man Space: Stylish Masculine Home Offices

You don’t need to have a creative career to have a stylish space to work in. We spend much of our week working (sometimes too much), so we should give ourselves comfortable surroundings. My theory of a nice desk space is similar to that of a bedroom: we spend a large percentage of our time sleeping, so should invest in a good bed. The same goes for a nice work environment – it’s amazing the effect a nice office/study area can have on our mood and productivity levels.




1. Lighting is important, especially if you are burning the work candle at both ends and often work from home at night. If the ceiling light isn’t sufficient, desk lamps or cantilever wall-mounted lights are the perfect solution.
2. For office equipment and electrical items, such as printers, consider storing them in a concealed cupboard. They are then easily accessible when you need them.
3. If you are not someone who needs a large office set-up, don’t discount using a small space or nook in one of your existing areas (kitchen, spare room, bedroom etc). If space doesn’t allow for a freestanding desk, have one custom made for the area you have.


Now for some inspiration…

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