How To Personalise Your Rental : Top 5 Decorating Tips

Just because you are renting your home, doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate it and make it your own. Yes, you may be slightly limited by the fact that you can’t paint the walls, bang additional picture hooks in or do any structural changes but there are still a few creative ways that you can make your rental space really feel like home (without having to be in breach of your tenancy agreement!!)

Waving her creative styling wand for us is one of Calibre’s Leasing Agents, Alexandra Clark. Alex is a 20-something year old serial tenant with a serious addiction to interior styling. She loves recreating any space and making it her own… you should see her work desk. Alex’s desk is overflowing with wonderfully precious trinkets that not only look wonderful but smell amazing. This girl has some serious flair when it comes to interior styling. So, who better to share with us her top decorating tips to personalise your rental home.

Top 5 Decorating Tips To Personalise Your Rental Property

  1. 1. Light Up Your Life

    When done right, lighting can have a big impact on the overall feel of a room. If a room has intense bright lighting that you want to combat, try adding a standing lamp for a more warm and relaxed feel. Throwing up some string lights in an outdoor area is another easy way to add some fun and make the area feel more inviting at night time.

  1. 2. Store More

    One of the biggest obstacles in a lot of rentals can be the lack of storage space. Keep this in mind when purchasing your furnishings and try to select items that can be multi-purpose and used for extra storage. Things like a coffee table with a few drawers, an enclosed tv cabinet with shelving, or a chest at the end of your bed can all be used to hide away those extra belongings you have and keep your rental from looking cluttered.

  1. 3. A lot to ‘Louvre’

    Artwork is such a great way to breathe life into a space and express your personality. If you’re feeling extra creative you could even host a Crafternoon with your friends (afternoon of crafting) and channel your inner Da-Vinci to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece for your new abode!

  2. 4. Rug Up

    Rugs, cushions & throw rugs are another super easy way to transform a room (especially if you’re wanting to cover some unsightly carpet or lino!) If you’re looking to add some more personality to a room try choosing a bright or patterned style to draw the eye’s attention. If you’re wanting something a bit more low-key go for a textured fabric in a neutral colour.

  3. 5. Hang 10

    A great way to add a personal touch to the street view of your rental is to add a few hanging baskets with flowers or vines. This instantly makes any place look oh-so-homely. If you don’t have any suitable space to hang baskets, try adding a couple of window box planters. These are equally as effective and super easy to care for.

These 5 tips should help personalise your rental space. If you’d like some more ideas about styling your place, check out our other articles:

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