Prepare for South East QLD storm season: Energex


The dangers are real during storm season. Be prepared and stay away from fallen powerlines.

Storms can cause loose objects around the home to become dangerous missiles, bringing down powerlines and interrupting power supply.

Taking a few small precautions like trimming trees and securing loose objects can minimise the damage done.

It is worthwhile taking the time to read the following safety tips relating to electricity during severe weather or events.



To report fallen powerlines or damage to the electricity network, please call 13 19 62. To report power interruptions, call 13 62 62.

Preparing for storms

Take a look around your home and identify any potential hazards which may become airborne during a storm or interrupt your power supply.

These objects may include:

– overgrown tree branches

– outdoor furniture and umbrellas

– loose roofing including corrugated iron and tiles

– garden debris

– garden tools

– outdoor toys

If you have overhead power supply, check the wire coming to your house from the street is clear from contact with trees and branches. Please do not attempt to prune trees in or near powerlines.

If you are concerned a tree is too close to a powerline, call Energex on 13 12 53 during business hours.

To ensure you are well prepared, please refer to our Storm safety checklist or Flood safety checklist.

State Emergency Service (SES)

Call the State Emergency Service (SES) on 132 500 from anywhere in Queensland for their assistance in a flood or storm.

What to do in an emergency

In the event on an emergency, find out what Energex recommends you do.

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