The 7 Basics to Presenting Your Property For Open Homes

Opening your home for inspection is the best way to present your home to potential buyers when it’s listed for sale. What’s more, it will drive all the buyers into your property at the same time creating a great competitive edge. Typically, open homes run for 30-45 minutes and are held on Saturday and sometimes during the week.

Alice Hagen, Calibre Real Estate’s Principal, shares with us her secret to the perfect open home You really want people to feel like they’re coming home when they walk into your home. They need to relate and they need to feel comfortable.”

Here Are 7 Tips When Presenting Your Property for Open Homes

  1. 1. Vacate the premises

    The home should be vacant during inspections. You should leave potential buyers to wander your halls unencumbered and relaxed. Head out for a short stroll, taking any other family members (including the pets)

  2. 2. Let there be light

    Draw back the curtains and blinds and turn on all lights —it brightens your home and creates a lovely, warm atmosphere

  3. 3. First impressions count

    The front door is a focal point of the inspection, use pot plants or flowers to make it inviting

  4. 4. The finishing touches

    Present your home as if you’re expecting a guest. Soaps and hand towels for the bathroom, perhaps a jug of water and nice glasses for the deck

  5. 5. Enticing aromas

    Invite smells using flowers, candles, air fresheners or even freshly brewed coffee

  6. 6. Consult the weatherman

    Keep an eye on the weather and heat or cool your home so it’s optimal when would-be buyers walk through

  7. 7. Safety first

    Remove and protect anything precious or valuable before the open home


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If you’re ever unsure about the best way to present your property at an Open For Inspection, simply chat to your agent. Real Estate Agents are the experts after all and a good agent will be on hand to share their knowledge about presenting your property for inspection.

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