Why Should I Use A Professional Photographer To Sell My Home?

Engaging a professional photographer to sell my home costs money. Depending on the photographer you use, the number of photos and whether or not additional features such as drone shots and floor-plans are included, a professional photographer will typically cost you around $500. But with all of these excellent high resolution images we have on our smartphones these days, is it really worth the $500 investment? Can’t you just take the photos yourself and jazz them up a little with a cool filter?

To help us answer this topical question is professional photographer, Destin Sparks from Leading Shots. Destin has been a photographer for 11 years, specialising in property sales photography.

Do I Have To Use A Professional Photographer To Sell My Home?

“The short answer? Yes. It’s not just about taking a photograph it’s knowing what works for the camera. Interiors are not any easy subject to photograph. Even in a bright and well-lit home the camera struggles to balance the ambient light and harsh window light together. Professional photographers typically use wide-angle lenses. Studio lighting captures the whole room with uniform light even in the darkest situations.”

Calibre Sales Agent, Kelly Hardie, tells us why she believes using a professional photographer is vital if you want to achieve the maximum sales price on your home. “The $500 (or so) that you may ‘save’ by not using a professional photographer could cost you over $5000 on the final sale price of your home. When selling, you need to ensure that you are presenting your property in the best possible way. By doing so, you will attract more buyers and ensure that your property is more desirable. When a buyer ‘falls in love’ with a property, they will be more inclined to pay top dollar in order to secure their dream home. Investing in quality real estate marketing is an absolute must and should always be at the top of that list for all good real estate agents.”

Check out the below before and after shots. This property was listed with another real estate agency for over 6 months. 6 months of long months resulted in no sales and one frustrated seller. After meeting with the property’s owner and developing a thorough quality real estate marketing strategy, Calibre Sales Agent’s Justin Hagen & Kelly Hardie where together able to achieve a premium result for their client.

Leslee, the owner of the property, had this to say about Justin & Kelly‘s campaign, “I can not thank Justin & Kelly enough for their hardwork and dedication. Their marketing strategy, including the amazing professional photographs, is what helped to ensure that my property was sold. Had I chosen Calibre Real Estate in the first instance, I could have saved myself a lot of time, effort and money.”



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