Top 5 Property Features Brisbane Buyers Look For When Purchasing

Property Features Brisbane BuyersReal estate property professional, Blake Gannon, is the Sales Associate for The Justin Hagen Team at Calibre Real Estate. Blake personally collates all of the feedback received about property features Brisbane buyers look for when they view properties that Justin & his team have listed for sale.

“Inner-city Brisbane buyers are generally looking at buying into the lifestyle more-so than the house itself” Blake explains, “If the property they are looking to purchase is an extension of that lifestyle, they are more likely to become emotionally attached and pay a premium price.”

In this article, Blake shares with us insight from all of the open homes held this year to bring us :

Top 5 Property Features Brisbane Buyers Look For When Purchasing

  1. 1. A good outdoor entertaining area

    There’s a good reason why Queensland is often referred to as The Sunshine State. We typically enjoy 300+ days of sunshine every year. So it’s only natural that we’d like to ensure our homes complement our love for sun rays and everything outdoors.

  2. 2. A floor plan that flows

    Ensuring the layout of your property caters for your buyer target market is important. A family with young children will typically require a floor plan very different to that of an empty nester. We recently profiled the 7 property buyer demographics to help you establish who is most likely to buy your property. When you know who is most likely to purchase your place, you can ensure your chosen floor plan appeals best to your target buyer.

  3. 3. Location, Location, Location

    Once again, buyers’ requirements will vary depending on who the buyer is and what features are important to them. For example, a young family will look at school catchment areas, playgrounds and convenient shopping. A young professional couple will typically want close proximity to CBD, public transport and cafes/bars.

  4. 4. Street appeal

    You’re only given one chance to make a good first impression. Street appeal is your first chance to make a good first impression so it’s important you get it right. It can certainly pay off to invest in simple things like landscaping, painting or upgrading the fence.

  5. 5. Off-street parking

    When purchasing an inner city property, having somewhere that can accommodate a vehicle is a big selling point. Even if it’s just a car park in the driveway, it’s still better than no parking at all.

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