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A rental appraisal is a detailed property analysis that takes into account the features of your property and assesses how it compares to other similar rental properties in the local area. It can also include recommendations for improvements to help you maximise the return from your property. 

To find out where your property stands in the market today, please provide the relevant details and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with your free rental appraisal. 

It Pays To Be In The Know With
An Accurate Rental Appraisal

Ensuring you have an up-to-date rental appraisal is an important step in ensuring your investment property is assisting you to meet your investment goals and maximise your rental returns.

A free rental appraisal will allow you to asses your financial position and budget accordingly so that you can make smart and informed decisions.

As your local specialist, your Calibre representative will be able to advise you on –

  • The best time of year to lease your property to achieve maximum returns or align with your needs (should you plan to move back into the property or sell)
  • Market fluctuations (periods of increased supply / demand depending on the time of year)
  • Any improvements or alterations that may increase the appeal or rental value of your property
  • Any preventative maintenance that should be considered prior to tenanting a property to avoid costly repairs or major tenant inconveniences down the track
  • How you can make your property stand out from the competition in an oversupplied market
  • Whether proposed alterations or improvements are likely to increase the overall appeal / return on your investment

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