Quick ways to spruce up your home


WITH spring upon us, now is the perfect opportunity to spruce up and style your home for sale, writes Juliet Love.

Celebrate the warmer weather and use Mother Nature as inspiration for decor. Giving your home a fresh new look and feeling which will enhance its overall appeal and lure in potential buyers. Spring brings with it a sense of newness and positivity which you can utilize to your advantage when selling.

As always, the first rule is to clear clutter and remove any unnecessary personal effects from your space – a spring clean is a must. Then set about creating an inviting home that looks modern and clean.

Look at how you currently use each room of your home and consider the best way to update your use of the floor space. It’s amazing how you can fail to see how to maximise the space if its been used a certain way for a long period of time. For example you could rearrange the lounge to another part of the room, remove the too-large armchair that is comfy but cumbersome, or update your coffee table with a new one to give the room a new look. Adding an area rug will define the space, and also conceal any imperfections in flooring underneath.

Fashionable colours for spring include shades of pale green and blue such as sea foam green and duck egg blue. Pretty, soft, pastels are also popular but I would advise against doing anything permanent in these colours as buyers will most likely want to put their own stamp on the space once the sale goes through. Instead go for decorator items in these cheery hues such as cushions, lampshades, rugs or curtains. If you need to revive a dated sofa but cant afford to re-upholster or buy a new one, a clever option is to use economical ready-made slipcovers in a neutral tone to which you can then add stylish accents such as cushions.

So often, a successful real estate sale will come down to the feeling a buyer gets when walking through a home. It’s all about creating an irresistible experience that the purchaser wants more of.

Finishing touches make all the difference here. Simple and affordable decorating elements such as fresh seasonal flowers and potted plants around your home will add to the atmosphere, and create a lovely scent. As the air is warmer you will also be able to open windows and doors to let fresh air and sunlight through which will refresh your home and create an enticing and uplifting environment.

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