4 Things You Need To Know About Relocating to Brisbane

Whether we want to relocate for financial reasons or to explore new cities, it is always difficult choosing where to go. We have come up with a list of reasons as to why you should move to Brisbane. From an increase in infrastructural projects to a growth in career prospects, here are five things Brisbane is here to offer.

#1: Transportation

Transport is a consideration when relocating to a new city. Getting around Brisbane is easy. Our trains, buses, and ferries are easy to use. Here is a  visitor’s guide for traveling in Brisbane for when you relocate.

There is a huge amount of funding going into underground railways and buses. New transportation methods will, therefore, facilitate easier travel in the next few years, making Brisbane a favorable place to relocate.

#2: Picnic Spot

Brisbane has some of the most beautiful scenic picnic spots. Enjoy a family picnic, maybe with a home-cooked meal. Although this may not be the sole reason for you to relocate, Brisbane has a lot of beautiful open spaces to offer. From picnic spots to scenic bike paths, we’ve got it all!

#3: Property Investment

Brisbane properties are far more affordable than Melbourne and Sydney. Median prices for houses are about $720,000. This, along with the boom in infrastructure projects, Brisbane is becoming a far better relocation option.

Investing in property here would yield great value. Even if you are looking to buy a home, it is far easier and affordable to relocate to Brisbane.

#4: Infrastructure

Going back to the infrastructure boom, relocating to Brisbane gives you much greater career prospects.

This link here highlights all of the new employment prospects in Brisbane. If you are considering relocating because of better career opportunities, this will surely catch your attention.

Queensland’s average infrastructure spend from 2000 to 2010 was 75% higher than the average of other states and territories combined at $1021 per capita (Source: Queensland Infrastructure Plan, 2011). With higher infrastructural development, Brisbane is growing to be a hub of new career and living prospects.

Brisbane’s growing CBD combined with natural beauty is what makes it special. You won’t regret relocating to this beautiful city.

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