You'll want to see this one. Click away. You won't regret it.

Ladies and gentlemen and avid rental property searchers, are you tired of scrolling endlessly through property advertisements? How long has it been? Hours? Days? Weeks? Well, the search ends here for you my friends.

Let me introduce to you a stunning Queenslander with air-conditioning and wardrobes in every room, topped with a designer kitchen and a gorgeous pool. You don't see all of those keywords in the same sentence often!

Come take a walk with me.

We'll start through the front door of the property. Stepping inside you'll notice that stunning Queensland charm of polished timber flooring meeting VJ walls and ceilings. A classic mix that always delivers a homely feel! Moving down the hallway there is 3 GREAT sized bedrooms! I mean that when I say it. It's not just that classic real estate exaggeration like the last 3 places you looked at! These bedrooms a fantastic size all with air-conditioning AND built-ins. No compromises in this home. Everyone in the family benefits!

2 of those bedrooms actually open up onto this amazing wrap-around balcony that connects up to the fourth, master bedroom. On that note, let's take a look at this master. THIS. IS. ENORMOUS. Seriously, take a look at the photo. You see that loungeroom with the king bed in it? That's not a lounge, that's the master bedroom! You could fit an elephant in here! Please don't though, you'll probably ruin those gorgeous floors and it's probably illegal to own an elephant, who knows? You can google that trivia tidbit for yourself while you spend your second consecutive hour a night in that jaw-dropping bath tub. I like to call this the 'wine and chocolate bath' and if you resonate with that, well you've got the right priorities my friend.

Before you come and see it the other main thing I want to draw your attention to is the kitchen. Check out this designer kitchen with amazing stonework and the huge gas burner with stainless steel backing and utensil hooks! There's a secret here too. I call it the Harry Potter Pantry...why? You see that cupboard next to the fridge? Well, that is a walk-in pantry that extends in and around the back of the fridge. You'd never know, but this is going to be the first place you should look when the kids play hide and seek.

A few final quick ones for you:
- Great deck overlooking an amazing pool
- A built-in, wall-length bookcase in the dining
- Rainfall shower in the bathroom
- Good size lounge with air-con
- Herb/Vegetable garden beds in the fully-fenced front yard.
- Surprisingly quiet and set back from the road.

We are close to everything you need and if you're a military tenant, you can walk to the base!

So what are you waiting for? Give me a buzz and let me show you your new home!


Daniel Gow

Daniel Gow

New Business Specialist

0411 582 871