Renters: how to move without pulling your hair out


Ah moving – it’s just the thought to inspire feelings of dread and loathing.

Moving to a new place is a chore which only a few, very strange, people actually like. But we’re determined to help make your next move that little bit easier.

Here is the moving checklist for renters.

Be nice to friends

Moving is a team sport which few people want to play. Before you announce your intentions, be as sweet as pie to everyone you know – especially strong people who can help you lift the fridge and couch.

Plan of attack  

Have a plan in place around two weeks before your move and aim for a one-week crossover from when your new tenancy starts to the time your old one ends.

Start boxing up everything you want to move and arrange your furniture for the move – this will give you an indication of what your transport needs will be. My rule of thumb is that each bedroom you are moving requires an additional human and tonne of transport load.

Book a truck nice and early to ensure it is available on the day.


The actual move

Everyone has their own theory about the best way to pack up and move.

My own is to move major items first and then pack the rest of the truck up with your boxes of kitchenware and other paraphernalia.

Then when you arrive, unload all the small gear first, place it in the corners of rooms and go about arranging your major furniture pieces first.

The empty home

It is weird to arrive back at the place you called home and see it empty.

The other thing you will notice is the build-up of dirt and dust in all those hidden places. Yes it’s time for the big clean and it’s worth a big effort to avoid any problems.

Steam clean the carpet. Enough said.

The agent

Most property managers are actually very nice people – but they are usually overstretched and overworked.

If you are polite and reasonable with them and they should return the favour. If you are grumpy and stubborn with  them, your move is much more likely to end on a sour note.



Article sourced from by Paul Thornhill:


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