Top Tips For Being the Successful Applicant When Renting With Your Pet

renting with your petIn  Queensland, a landlord has the right to accept or refuse pets at their property. If the property is a house with suitable fencing, it is recommended that special consideration be given to allow a pet at the property, as this type of property may attract people with pets therefore broaden a landlords’ options in the market place.

Across the borders however, the Victorian State Government’s move to introduce new rules allowing every tenant the right to have a pet in their rental property is a hot topic at present. In an article recently released by ABC News, Victorian landlords will still need to provide consent to allow pets into the house, but they will only be allowed to refuse in certain circumstances. It sparks the question whether or not this move will be replicated across the country. In the meantime however, here are the top tips for you to lodge a successful application if you are renting with your pet in Queensland.


Top Tips For Being the Successful Applicant When Renting With Your Pet in QLD

  1. 1. Write a Letter About Your Pet

    Attach a letter to your rental application that gives a brief overview about your pet. Favourite things to do, the size of fence & backyard required, traits & habits of the breed, exercise routine etc

  2. 2. Attach a Photo

    Let your property manager see what your pet looks like. This way, the can see for themselves the size of your pet and that it’s well looked after.

  3. 3. Pet Reference

    Ask a previous landlord to give a written reference about your pet. Reassurance that your pet hasn’t previously ‘trashed’ someone else’s place will go along way. In the past, naughty pets have been known to destroy garden beds, ruin the grass, chew & break fences & posts, leave a stench in the house and/or dirty the walls requiring a new paint job etc. If a previous landlord can vouch for your furry friend, you’ll have a much better chance of gaining approval.


A landlord can request a special term that ensures tenants keep the pet/s outside only. Also, a special term can be added to the tenancy agreement to require tenants to carry out pest control for fleas upon ending the tenancy.

For a more detailed article about the rights of refusal for pet owners, see this page.

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