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The 6 Simple Ways to Secure Your Home

Alice Hagen

As a home owner and/or investor, ensuring you secure your home from burglars is not just about security but also peace of mind. Being broken into leaves all residents feeling violated and insecure, and that’s not how any of us should be made to feel in our own home. So, regardless of whether you are looking at securing your own home or one of your investment properties, there are a handful of relatively inexpensive steps you can take to keep those bad guys away.

Daniel Gow is one of Calibre Real Estate’s leading Business Development Managers. Daniel’s home was broken into not too long ago and he recalls firsthand what it felt like, “I just got complacent. I felt so secure in my own home that never for a moment thought it would happen to me. But I was wrong and even worse it happened while my family and I were all asleep in our home. We’ve since taken a few simple precautions to ensure it doesn’t happen again and now I realise how easily avoidable it was.”

Daniel shares with us his Top Tips to Secure Your Home:

  1. 1. Secure the doors

    Roughly 33 percent of burglars enter through the front door. Perform an inspection of not only your front door, but all doors around your home. Make sure the frames are strong, the hinges are protected and the wood is not hollow.

  2. 2. Put timers on electrical appliances

    Set a few lamps up on timers so that no one is aware that you are actually secretly sunning it up in some amazing tropical destination.

  3. 3. Lock the windows

    I have noticed recently that older houses have dysfunctional window locks. Latches are not always as effective as locks; it is recommended to replace these with locks or key-operated levers to enhance safety.

  4. 4. Install Crimsafe

    Your house doesn’t need to look like a jail but the crimsafe should be robust enough to slow down criminals so there is more chance of them being seen loitering around your house rather than slipping in unnoticed through an easily removable screen.

  5. 5. Meet the neighbours

    Exchange phone numbers with your neighbours so that you can keep an eye out for each other’s properties on a daily basis and also when you are away. And if your neighbours are really nice, perhaps they’ll check your post and put your bins away for you.

  6.  6. Maintain your garden

    Ensure your garden is well manicured so that the property does not look neglected while you are out/away.


Using these 6 tips to secure your home will help give you peace of mind!
Thanks to Daniel Gow for sharing his expert knowledge.
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secure your home

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