sustainable designWhen it comes to building our future it’s important to understand the changes taking place within the built environment and the effect will have on the real estate industry. As a Brisbane Real Estate Agent that prides ourselves on knowledge, this event is aligned with our goals as leading the way with expert knowledge.

Pete the director of sustainable building design firm Taylor’d Distinction says “The importance of sustainable design cannot be underestimated  sustainable principles help lessen our burden on the Earth’s finite resources  Effective design is the first step when changing our lifestyle choices, and is an important factor when reducing our reliance on the expensive utilities and greatly improve the quality of everyday living. Sustainable design is no longer considered to be the “alternative approach”. The influences of the media and the power of the Internet has fuelled the awareness and education of today’s society.

Sustainable design is now accessible, affordable, and now essential to design practice.”

The SEE Sustainable Experience event is a great opportunity for people to educate themselves on the sustainable building movement. Sustainable design practices are essential to the development of the our communities.

SEE Sustainable Experience will educate visitOrs on how to design and build smarter via the use of sustainable building products.

The event is open to the public and runs from 18-20 June 2015.

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