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Are you curious about how much your property is worth? Don’t make the costly mistake of guessing. Our comprehensive appraisal service can provide you with an estimated property value, taking into account factors such as type, size and location. We also compare it to similar properties in your local area, giving you a clear understanding of its market position.

In addition to the property value estimate, our report includes valuable insights into your property's history, including the previous sale price, so you can track its growth potential. Alongside a list of comparable properties that can give you a better understanding of the market trends in your area.

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How Our Property Reports Can Benefit You

Selling Your Home or Buying a Property
Rest assured knowing you have the optimal listing price calculated for a successful sale.

Market Insights Stay ahead of market fluctuations and make informed decisions about your property’s value.

Home Improvement Don’t risk pricing your home out of the market with costly renovations. Plan renovations that align with buyer demands in your area.

Financial Planning
Looking to re-mortgage? Assess your property’s equity for refinancing or capital release.

Did you know that you can get a $1,000 bonus?

A Property Valuation That Goes Beyond A Figure

Get Valuable Insights Including:

Property Value Estimate
Get an accurate estimate of your property’s current value.

Property History
Discover the historical selling prices of your property and track its growth over time.

Comparable Properties
Receive a list of comparable properties to understand how your home stacks up in the market.

Suburb Insights
Engage with demographics, trends and key data around your Brisbane suburb to help you stay informed.

Schools Nearby
Learn about the educational opportunities in your area for families considering a move.

Ashgrove Suburb Profile - Property Report

Local Real Estate Experts

Your local Calibre Real Estate agents have an in-depth knowledge of what buyers in your local area are looking for, and what makes a property more desirable to them, and what your property value might be. They can pass on these insights and give you some recommendations for maximizing the value of your home in the eyes of potential buyers.

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Why Calibre?

Calibre is an award-winning boutique real estate agency serving the Brisbane area with end to end real estate solutions. Our professional and dedicated team combines local expertise with an enthusiasm for real estate, ensuring every client receives personalised, professional and diligent service.

Data-Driven Reports
We use the latest market data and analytics to generate
your report, there’s no guesswork here.

No Obligation
Our appraisal service is completely free and requires no commitment. You can use it as often as you need.

Instant Service
No need to book an appointment, simply fill out our form and you’ll receive an email to view your digital report.

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Get $1,000 credit towards marketing or property styling, if you list your house with us within 12 months of receiving an appraisal.

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