Negotiating The Property Sale

A private sale/treaty will typically involve some amount of back and forth between you and your prospective buyer(s) before you agree on a selling price that suits both parties. Negotiation when selling a house is all part of the normal process, but it can feel uncomfortable and stressful. This is where it’s vital that you have confidence in your agent and can lean on their experience and negotiating skill. They will know how to negotiate effectively on your behalf, using tried and tested negotiation strategies to get the best outcome for you.

Real Estate Negotiation - tips on how to negotiate

Here are some tips on how to negotiate, and some smart negotiation techniques from the experts at Calibre Real Estate.

Start with a fair and appropriate asking price, based on market research of recent similar property sales in your local area. This is your first step towards attracting buyers who will be willing to make reasonable offers and negotiate to secure the sale.

You should also take stock of your personal position and circumstances as this will inform your negotiation tactics. Do you need to sell fast or can you afford to wait for the right buyer and the right offer? Is there lots of interest and competition from buyers? These factors affect the strength of your position when negotiating your house price.


Equally, consider your buyer’s position and motivations. If they are competing with lots of others for your property, or are keen to move quickly, they will likely be willing to pay more in order to secure a fast settlement. Know the strength of your hand, but also be open to compromise in order to achieve an outcome that suits both parties.

Be aware that you most likely have some emotional attachment to your home which can influence your negotiation strategies and approach. On the other hand, real estate agent negotiation tactics are more objective and detached from your personal feelings as the homeowner. It’s important that you trust your agent and can be led by them so that you can make an informed decision and get the best results from your property negotiation.

Real Estate Negotiation - buyer’s position and motivations

At Calibre, we are committed to getting the best outcomes for our clients. We put ourselves in your shoes and work on your behalf, with honest and transparent communication along the way. We can give you expert advice about how to negotiate selling a house, and guide you to a successful outcome with our proven negotiation strategies. Get in touch today to find out more about our negotiating experience and results in your area.

Completing Your Property Sale

Once the dust settles and the sale price is agreed, what happens next? Learn more about exchange of contracts, the cooling-off period, conditions, settlement and the move itself.


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