Seven hints that it’s time for you to downsize

Downsizing from your large family home usually starts with a nagging thought in the back of your mind. Maybe your house is starting to feel empty, or cleaning and regular maintenance are becoming a real chore which is causing stress.

The process is more emotional than logical, there is no science to it.

We have compiled 7 questions to ask yourself about your house right now that may qualify you as someone needing to downsize.

#1 Do you have more space than needed?

#2 Has your house become overwhelming, either in terms of maintenance or keeping up with the housework?

#3 Does maintaining your home take too much out of you and take too long to recover from, especially big jobs i.e gardening or clean-ups?

#4. Are you finding it hard to get around your home or your garden? Sometimes you can feel the garden path is treacherous underfoot, or the stairs are becoming a little too much.

#5. Are bills getting higher? Does it feel like the cash flow isn’t keeping up with your utility demands?

#6. How easy is it for you to access services from your current home? Can you get to the shopsor medical appointments even if you don’t have access to a car?

#7. Do you need to keep a big home if you plan to travel extensively? Whether you want to go overseas after Covid or travel around this great country of ours, maintaining a big, empty home is hard on your finances.

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