How to Style Your Home Like A Pro

Whether you are looking to style your home for sale or just want to update the look of your home, follow these tips to create a beautifully presented home that anyone would love to live in.

How To Style Your Home Like A Pro in 5 Easy Steps

  1. 1. Room Layout and Furniture Placement is key to creating great spaces

    One of the easiest ways to update your home is to re-arrange the placement of furniture in a slightly different layout. Often the most obvious placement may not be the right one for your space. Try thinking outside the box and don’t let the placement of a power point or TV connection limit your imagination! Most importantly, keep in mind how you currently use the spaces in order to ensure you create a functional but well presented room.

  2. 2. Use a consistent style and colour palette

    The style of your home can often dictate the overall look and colours you go with but the key to making it all flow is to create a colour palette to use throughout your home. You don’t have to use every colour in the palette in each room however it will give you a guide to work with and ensure you stay on track when purchasing new items for your home. A consistent colour palette will make each room feel like it’s connected to the next and will give your home a ‘finished’ look.

  3. 3. Show personality with the use of colour, texture and patterns

    Whether you love bold, bright colours or softer, more muted tones you can add interest to your spaces by introducing pops of colour through the use of cushions, throws and other styling accessories. Mix smooth and rough textures or even florals and prints to create a more interesting space.

  4. 4. Don’t forget your kitchen and bathrooms

    Often people are so focused on the look of their living and bedroom spaces. Because of this, they can forget about one of the most important areas of the house – your kitchen. Ensure your kitchen benchtops are clutter free. Decorate the space with baskets, chopping boards, cookbooks and even plants to create interest. Same goes for your bathrooms, ensure all your products are put away and include some hand towels and a plant or candles to make it look more luxurious.

  5. 5. Accessorise with greenery

    As a finishing touch add in plants or flowers to any room. This creates a relaxed and inviting space for potential buyers or visitors to your home. Decorate bedside tables with smaller plants  such as succulents. Dining tables look great with larger more dramatic floral arrangements. While living spaces generally suith a large pot plant such as a fiddle leaf. Use interesting baskets, pots or vases that complement the style and colour selection of your home for some extra ‘wow’.


A big thanks goes to Nada & Jessica from Blok Design for providing their professional insight and clever tips to style your home.

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Good luck! We hope these five tips will see you style your home like a pro in no time.

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